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The members of the DPRG have a wide range of intrests and technical expertise. The best way to share what you've learned from your latest robot is to write an article about it. And a good way to learn from other DPRG members is to read their articles. Whether a review of a new tool or a first-hand account of a challenging robot construction project, these articles are packed with useful information.



A Quick & Easy Guide to Calibrating Your Robot Using UMBMark

by Paul Bouchier, February 2009
Clay Timmons first described and demonstrated the use of Borenstein's UBMmark for calibrating and debugging robots in the May 2000 monthly meeting. David P. Anderson described it again in the Novemeber 2006 meeting and led a demonstration and exercise in which five DPRG robots participated. When the subject came up again in 2009, Paul Bouchier decided it was time to document the procedure with an article on the website for future reference.

Subsumption for the SR04 and jBot Robots

by David P. Anderson, March 2007
A discussion on the DPRG mailing list led to a series of postings by David about the subsumption architecture he implemented in the control software of his robots, SR04 and jBot. David has compiled his postings, added references, code samples, and diagrams to help explain his approach. He also provides links to video of his robots demonstrating the behaviors that result. The result is a wealth of useful information for anyone interested in the real world use of subsumption.

Poetry of the Robot Builders

Compiled by R. Steven Rainwater, August 2002
During the course of updating the DPRG website, I have gone through 20 years of newsletters and mailing list archives. I discovered a suprising amount of poetry hidden among the technical discussions and meeting minutes. For better or worse, I've collected it here. Read and enjoy.

LegoBot: HC11 Controlled Autonomous Robot

by David P. Anderson, August 2002
You may have seen David's LegoBot wandering the halls of the science building at SMU or competing at a DPRG competition. Now you can find out everything you've always wanted to know about it. LegoBot is half Lego and half homebrew. The always popular Motorola 68hc11 provides the processing power. Throw in an assortment of sensors, some motors, and a few cable ties and you've got a LegoBot.
Bill and Ron's Robot Adventure

Bill and Ron's Robot Adventure

by Bill Boyers and Ron Brandenburg, April 2001
Take two self-employed bikers -- one into computers and electronics, the other a machinist, add a machine shop, a Basic Stamp and a trip to Wal-Mart, and this is what you get. Bill and Ron share their adventure and the lessons they learned along the way.
Robot CD Arm

Robotopia: Making the World Safe for Technology

by Dennis Draheim, October 1999
Dennis Draheim summarizes several of the interesting robot projects including his first robot, Rover, his LynxMotion 5-axis arm which has modified to transport CDs, Ortho of Borg, and the little red robot we all know and love, PatrolBot. Dennis includes sources for many of the components he used as well as plenty of source code.

SR04 Mobile Robot

by David P. Anderson, March 1998
David Anderson's SR04 is a common sight at DPRG Roboramas and the winner of a number of awards. In this article David gives an overview of SR04's design, software, development environment, sensors, and even some hints at what possible future developments are in store.
The Low Rider

Low Rider: My First Line-Following Robot

by John Wadley, July 1997
Read the first-hand account of John's line following robot from initial design and implmentation to testing and competing in a line-following contest. Schematics and theory of operation are covered. John had joined the DPRG just a few months before this article was written and his experiences should be helpful to other newcomers to the field of robotics.

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