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RoboRama 2008b

DPRG Lab / Warehouse

LOCATION: DPRG Lab/Warehouse
Google Map, photos
EVENTS: Quick Trip, Tee-Time, Line Following
DATE: 22 Nov 2008
TIME: Contest starts at noon


Roborama 2008b will include three of the most popular Roborama events:

  • Quick Trip - robots start at one end of rectangular course, travel to other end, and return.
  • Tee-Time - robots start at one end of a T-shaped course, travel each end point, and return.
  • Line Following - robots follow a line from a start point to an end point.

RoboRama rules and diagrams for all events

Prizes and Sponsors


Quick Trip and T-Time run on 12 foot course except TankBot run on 24 foot course 
All values = time to complete in seconds


Place 	Human 		Robot 		Run 1 	Run 2 	Run 3 	
	Doug Emes 	Scribbler 	31 	
	Will Kuhnle 	T2LS 		27.2 	
	Jose' Ayala 	3piRoBrainia I 	10.37 	9.68 	
	Carl Sturmer 	3piRoBrainia II 12.8 	11.07 	
	John & Jacob 	Sawtooth 	13.43 	11.89 	12.4 	
	Tyler 		Caddo Mills 	39.35 	31.07 	
1st 	Steve Rainwater PI R Squared 	9.05 	8.11 	6.83 	
3rd 	Dale Wheat 	3 PI generic 	13.38 	11.07 	8.54 	
2nd 	Glenn Pipe 	7 of 9 		12.38 	7.13 	11.44 	
	David Martineau Pinch 		DNC 	


Place 	Human 		 Robot 		Run 1 	Run 2 	Run 3 	
	Doug Emes 	 Scribbler 	DNC 	35.2 	
	Will Kuhnle 	 Spaz 		225 	
2nd 	Ron Grant 	 Whip 		14.9 	14.6 	10.4 	
	Paul Bouchier 	 Tankbot  [1] 	14.77 	14 	
3rd 	Chris Kiick 	 Hackbot 	14.1 	11.78 	
1st 	Nathan Harlan 	 Gort 		6.7 	6.44 	
        Will Kuhnle 	 T2LS 		34.6 	
	Brian Lippincott Insectronic 	127
[1] Times Divided by 2 (Robot Ran in 2X scaled contest course) 	


Place 	Human 		 Robot 		Run 1 	Run 2 	Run 3 	
        Doug Emes 	 Scribbler 	DNC 	
3rd 	Will Kuhnle 	 E-Spiral 	61 	
2nd 	Ron Grant 	 Whip 	35 	24 	
	Brian Lippencott Insectronic 	DNC 	
1st 	David Martineau  BoxyRoxy MkIV 	17.2

Contest Coordinator  	Doug Emes  	
Contest Timekeeper 	Doug Emes 	
Support 		Cathy Pipe, Ron Grant 	

Thanks, Paul for your thanks and for getting Tankbot up and into the competition.

I agree, nice contest -- was very happy to see some new faces and some familiar faces too. Very nice to have a number of folks up from Austin, including Brian Lippincott with some cool walking robots including some great demos.

Really, thanks goes to all who participated and to all who came out to be a spectator. Both Doug and I have the times and will get those posted.

Was cool to see both factory built and scratch built robots. I know Steve took lots of pictures so looking forward to those.

Thanks to Dale for making available to us, 3 STM32 development kits, Tanner Electronics for Gift certificates and to Mike's Hobby Shop for discounted RC Servos.

Also, a new robot with some cool laser cut parts from John & Jacob two new faces. They would have probably stopped a good number of us, but fortunately their motor encoders were not yet talking to their controller. (Looking at scratch built robots they brought in the best time in Line Following.)

Will had a nice selection of his scratch built robots. Also, a student who he has been working with had line following entry that did claim the slowest time, but WAS SUCCESSFUL!

The Pololu 3pi robots ruled the line following contest, which was pretty intense.


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