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RoboRama 2009a

DPRG Lab / Warehouse

LOCATION: DPRG Lab/Warehouse
Google Map, photos
EVENTS: Quick Trip, Line Following, Square Dance
DATE: 16 May 2009
TIME: Contest starts at noon


Roborama 2009a will include three events:

  • Quick Trip - robots start at one end of rectangular course, travel to other end, and return.
  • Line Following - robots follow a line from a start point to an end point.
  • Square Dance - robots must travel around 4 cones laid out in a square.

RoboRama rules and diagrams for all events

Prizes and Sponsors

  • TBA


Many thanks to all who helped out, participated, and also to those who came out to spectate! Special thanks to Paul and Doug for their major efforts.

Nice to see some out-of-town folks like Erik Petrich and his wife. Also Eric Sumner (visiting from San Francisco) and his folks were present.

Really was cool to see Paul and also Jacob and John peg the square dance!

Looking forward to Roborama 2009B!


Results if you can decode:

Quick Trip

16.34Paul FlorianQT21
2DQJohn Dolecek & Jacob SalassiSaw Tooth
36.49Nathan HarlanGort2
415.25 [2]Paul BouchierTankBot
5DQPaul BouchierRoomba
61:54Erik PetrichPombot
7DQErik PetrichSleepwalker
812.7Ron GrantWhip3
927 [2]Eric SumnerPlexbot
1019.3Will KuhnleQT Ratchet
1135.98Will KuhnleT2L3
1216.08Nathan HarlanStampba

[1] Run on 2X scale course with time divided by 2
[2] Required Assistance (DQ)

Line Following Contest

1DQJohn Dolecek & Jacob SalassiSawtooth1
2DQErik PetrichPombot2

1/4 Black line could not be followed with complete success by either entrant.
First and Second place prizes awarded anyway.
(Next time proposed 3/4" Line = standard electrical tape width)

Square Dance

1DQPaul BouchierTankbot
22Paul BouchierRoomba2
31 1/8John Dolecek & Jacob SalassiSawtooth1
4DQErik PetrichPombot
5DQRon GrantWhip
6DQWill KuhnleT2LS

Tankbot ran using a compass and was most impressive, nicked a few cones though.

Davinci Award Paul Bouchier for his paper on implementing Borenstien Square calibration used successfully by his robot and also Jacob and John's Sawtooth and for work done on Tankbot including implementing compass

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