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RoboRama 2011a

LOCATION: Museum of Nature & Science
1318 S. 2nd Ave
Dallas, Texas
Google Map
EVENTS: VEX Unlimited Open, Square Dance and Line Following, Table Top Challenge, RoboColumbus
DATE: 14 May 2011
TIME: Contest starts at noon


Roborama 2011a will include five events:

  • Indoor Events
    • VEX Unlimited Open - autonomous robots combining VEX and non-VEX components must impress judges
    • Line Following - robots follow a line from a start point to an end point.
    • Square Dance - robots must travel around 4 cones laid out in a square.
    • Tabletop - robots must navigate a table without walls and move a block to a destination.
  • Outdoor Event
    • RoboColumbus - simplified one-way wayfinding to a destination point

RoboRama 2011a rules and diagrams

General RoboRama rules and diagrams for indoor events (any exceptions are noted in the 2011a doc)


If you plan on entering a robot in one or more of the events, please add your name and info to our registration spreadsheet at the link below.

Roborama 2011a Registration Spreadsheet (Google Docs)

Prizes and Sponsors

Photos and video

If you have photos or video of this event, let us know and we'll add a link to it here!


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