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RoboRama 2012b

LOCATION: 129 Woodrow Circle, Little Elm, TX 75068
EVENTS: Outdoor wayfinding
DATE: 16 Dec 2012
TIME: Contest starts at 11am


Outdoor wayfinding

The course will be made as large as possible. We will be using marker flags to out line the course. You can replace them with what ever you like. The markers will be 5-8 feet wide depending on how we can layout course. It will include a 90 degree turn and a 180 degree turn and will be like a race track so it will end where it starts. Points will be awarded for each gate you drive through. If more then one completes the course then it will be distance from start.

We only have some basic rules for the robots.

  1. NO flying robots
  2. All robots must be equipped with a kill switch of some type
  3. The robot can not travel any faster then robot maker can run after it
  4. The robot must fit on the course

NO prizes will be awarded the first time running this course.

The idea here is to enjoy the challenge. Lets try to complete the course as it stands. Enjoy the freedom. I don't care if the robot follows you around the course. A few hour trial time will exist before official runs to dial in your robot to the course.

Prizes and Sponsors

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