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RoboRama 2014a

LOCATION: Perot Museum of Nature and Science
EVENTS: Table Top 2, Can Can Soccer, Sumo, Line Following
DATE: 10 May 2014
TIME: Contest starts at noon


Table Top 2

The Table Top competition has a “bonus” mission added this year. See the rules document for details. The “table” will consist of two tables butted together with efforts to minimize the seam. The total table top area will be approximately 60x72 inches. Three painted soda cans will be placed at the beginning of the competition in random locations on the table. The three challenges are: knock one of the cans off the table, place one of the cans in a box hung off the edge of the tables in a specific location, and return the remaining can to the starting location.

Can Can Soccer

The arena consists of a rectangular walled field with a goals at both ends. Two robots will compete to move as many of the six randomly distributed painted soda cans on the field through their opponent's goal. The competition is double elimination. Note: significant changes have been made since last year's event. See the rules for details.


In this competition two competing robots attempt to push their opponent out of a circular arena. Robots must meet specific weight and size limits. There will be several classes, however DPRG Sumo does not follow standard robot Sumo rules - see the rules document for details.

Line Following

Two competition levels: junior and senior. See rules document for details.

Rules and supporting documents

Prizes and Sponsors

Photos and video



	    Robot		       Human/(Team)	    Time/Score/Why

    Line Following

    1st     Simple Simon               Will Kuhnle           2 complete laps 
                                                             in 41 seconds

    2nd     Savvy Jr                   (McCoy School)        10 Tiles
                                       Sanjana Poonura,
                                       Chandana Sirigireddy, 
                                       Sanjana Koratala

    3rd     Despicable Terror Chipmunk (Iron Reign)           4 tiles
                                       Alisa, Mason, Emory

    4th     Apple Farmer Cow           (McCoy School)         3 Tiles
                                       Thibaut Tagnon
                                       Benjamin Elliot
                                       Krish Vaidya

    Table Top

    1st     Little Andy              Doug Paradis 

    2nd     Canarray Row             Ron Grant

    3rd     T2                       Will Kuhnle

    4th     V2                       John Kuhlenschmidt

    Can Can Soccer

    1st     SR04                     David P. Anderson

    2nd     Rcat                     David P. Anderson

    3rd     GSR3                     James LeRoy
                                     Derick Bommarito

    4th     kartoffel                (Iron Reign)
                                     Max, Caitlin, Omar,
                                     Jayesh, Tycho & Karim

    Mini (10cm) Sumo

    1st     JÄGER                    Tycho Virani?? (Iron Reign)

    2nd     Open Circuit             Jason Henriksen

    Plastic Fasteners (12 inches) Sumo

    1st     HeisenBot                Tycho Virani (Iron Reign)

    2nd     Maximum Destruction      Matt Mercer (Grand Saline)

    3rd    Beast-Mode                Andrew Gislason (Grand Saline)
                                     Austin Broach

    4th   Clay’s Robot               Clay Seifert


I want to thank the Roborama team that volunteered their time and resources
to make the 2014a Roborama successful. Especially I want to thank them for 
the long day they put in on Saturday!

Roborama Team:

David Ackley
Mike Hernandez
John Kuhlenschmidt
Richard Neveau
Alyssa Pipe
Gus Reiter
Dick Swan
Their help is greatly appreciated.
I want to also thank Eric Chaney, David Jannke, and Will for their time and
dedication. They spent the whole day demonstrating robots and working the

Doug Paradis

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