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September 16th, 2000 RoboRama.00b Results

Held at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

An estimated crowd of 200 attended to see the robots as they attempted, most successfully, to manuever the varied contests courses. This RoboRama included the Line Following, Quick Trip, T-Time, and Can Can contests. Many great prizes were donated by various companies and several of the local media were present to report on the event.

View this RoboRama in the Photo Gallery, or get the video from Gold Leopard Productions

Builder RobotTimeScoreRank
Quick Trip
Kevin Carter That Damn Thing #2 13 10
David Peterson Robosnail1:33534
Tom Day Tominator 611
Erick Kluthe AM4NU1:49516
Marty Vulk Twidlebot 612
Robert Caldwell Speedy0:13931
David Martineau Boxy Roxy1:06525
James Koffeman 5-Minute Bot1:43507
Kaylee Jordan Golden1:38498
Bob Jordan Skatebot0:23573
Sanjay Agrawal Tweedledum1:58489
Gralewicz/Draheim Ortho of Borg0:22902
Line Following
Frank Elia H.I.M. 77
Travis Trotman Miny Line Follower3:41585
Paul Florian ELF2:07763
Marty Vulk Twidlebot 266
Clay Timmons Can Eye0:531181
David Martineau Boxy Roxy3:18634
Dennis Draheim Patrol Bot1:171022
David Peterson Robosnail 279
Marty Vulk Twidlebot   
Sanjay Agrawal Tweedledum2:47585
David Martineau Boxy Roxy 347
Erick Kluthe AM4NU2:33466
James Koffeman 5-Minute Bot2:26614
Clay Timmons Can Eye1:15733
Kaylee Jordan Golden 348
Bob Jordan Skatebot0:29922
Gralewicz/Draheim Ortho of Borg0:451051
Erick Kluthe AM4NU  1
Clay Timmons Can Eye  2
Dennis Draheim Patrol Bot  3

Recognition for robotic participation also was rewarded. Special thanks go to those companies sponsering prizes, The Science Place, the audience and attendees, and those who helped set up the course and put it away afterwards.

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