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April 21st, 2001 RoboRama.01a Results

Held at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

The Dallas Personal Robotics Group had their first contest of the 2001 season at The Science Place at Fair Park. Many entrants and plenty of spectators were there to cheer the robots on. Contests included Line Following, Quick Trip, T-Time, and Can Can.

View this RoboRama in the Photo Gallery, or get the video from Gold Leopard Productions.

Line Following
Robert Caldwell Afraid of Light2691
Paul Florian ELF 22442
Clay Timmons 2-Tran2413
John Drummond unnamed2364
Frank Elia H.I.M.2285
David Anderson SR041766
Bill Boyer unnamed777
David Peterson B-B-Bot777
Tony Maisel unnamed589
Quick Trip
Robert Caldwell Speedy2611
Travis Trotman Speedster2382
David Martineau Watch Out!2123
Bill Boyer ?2114
Paul Florian ELF 22055
David Peterson B-B-Bot1956
Erick Kluthe unnamed1857
Frank Elia unnamed1718
Dan Ackley unnamed1529
Roderick Fontana Ratmeister11210
Curtis Slaten Ajax10011
Tom Day unnamed6613
John Drummond unnamed6513
Kevin Carter MidgetN/A14
Kevin Carter Lady BugN/A14
Ed Okerson 123.01N/A14
Plano High Robotics unnamedN/A14
Clay Timmons Eye Reckon II3081
Erick Kluthe I'm 2 L82342
John Caldwell U Time1383
David Peterson B-B-Bot1034
David Martineau unnamedN/A5
Builder RobotScoreRank
John Caldwell Dropper2941
Robert Caldwell Grabber2462
Draheim/Gralewicz Ortho of Borg2103
Special Awards
Youngest Builder Robert Caldwell, 7 Grabber, Afraid of Light, ???
Best Dressed Robot Frank Elia Viperbot rev. 2.0
Best Engineered Dennis Draheim & Tom Gralewicz Ortho of Borg
DaVinci Award (Most Innovative Design) John Caldwell Dropper
Scarecrow Award (No Brain) Clay Timmons 2-Tran
Paul Florian ELF 2
Frank Elia H.I.M.
My Robot Fried! Ed Okerson 123.01
David Peterson B-B-Bot

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