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September 15th, 2001 RoboRama.01b Results

Held at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

The DPRGs second RoboRama contest of 2001 went on despite the national tragedy, to bring some fun and joy to hearts that may have been heavy. Some may have felt unsure, but there still was a great turnout of spectators and participants to see our electro-mechanical creations strut their stuff on the contest floor. Contests included Line Following, Quick Trip, T-Time, and Can Can.

View this RoboRama in the Photo Gallery, or get the video from Gold Leopard Productions.

Line Following
John Drummond Blip54.7?2
Robert Caldwell Afraid of Light 236.3?1
Paul Florian ELF 2???
David Peterson Scooter?141?
Marty Vulk Tweedle Bot???
Delbert Cantu Todo???
David Anderson SR0449.7?3
Quick Trip
Kevin Carter Lady Bug44.6??
Bill Boyer Project X4.7?3
John Drummond Blip52.3??
Robert Caldwell Speedy 35.5??
Travis Trotman U.S. Bot8.3??
Ed Okerson Dozer Bot3.8?1
Harrison Massey Suger Eater II10.0??
David Peterson Scooter----??
Mark Simon Ugh!----??
Eric Sumner SPDT77.0??
David Anderson SR0477.0??
David Anderson Legobot54.0?2
Delbert Cantu Todo----??
John Drummond Blip75.0??
Robert Caldwell T112.4??
David Peterson Scooter30.0??
Clay Timmons Eye Robot 2.5102.0??
Bill Boyer Bender136.0??
David Anderson Legobot75.2??
Robert Caldwell Big Drop 1??3
John Caldwell Grabber 2??2
David Anderson SR04??1

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