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April 6, 2002 RoboRama.02a Results

Held at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX
The DPRG extends its thanks to:

  • The Contest Judges: Ralph Tenny, Ed Okerson and David Ackley
  • The Tally Team: Theresa Trotman, Benda Richmond and Bill Boyle
  • David Martineau for his photos of this RoboRama
View this RoboRama in the Photo Gallery, or get the video from Gold Leopard Productions
Quick Trip
Place Builder Robot Time Score
1st Keith Colson KIWI 4.3 232
2nd David Anderson Legobot 65 224
3rd David Anderson N-Bot 44 221
  Curtis Slaten Ballast 219 216
  Travis Trotman X10 20 200
  John Caldwell Sir Speedy 6 190
  Paul Nguyen OU Legobot 27 178
  David Peterson Scooter 44 147
  Paul Florian QT2 18.7 133
  Martin Mercer Dalek 81 112
  Earl M. Ballinger Growbot n/a 10
  Frank Elia PlugBot (Bugbot?) n/a 8
  Earl W. Ballinger Hexapod n/a 0
1st Dennis Draheim & Tom Gralewicz Otho of Borg 53 286
2nd David Anderson N-Bot 59 279
3rd (tied) Clay Timmons
Eye Robot
97 263
3rd (tied) Robert Caldwell I Forgot 11.3 263
  John Caldwell Spur-Gear 12.5 244
  Paul Nguyen OU Legobot 57 224
  Earl M. Ballinger Growbot 220 199
  David Peterson Scooter 66 185
  David Anderson Legobot 83 147
  Paul Florian T1 89 116
  Earl W. Ballinger Hexapod n/a 1
  Keith Colson KIWI n/a n/a
1st David Anderson SR04 550 711
2nd Robert Caldwell Dropper 25 245
3rd John Caldwell Grabber 26 199
  Dennis Draheim & Tom Gralewicz Ortho of Borg 422 193
  Keith Colson KIWI n/a 79
  Clay Timmons Eye Robot n/a 0
Line Following
1st Robert Caldwell & David Martineau Robot Line 43 260
2nd Stefano Scibilia Under Construction 51 242
3rd Paul Florian ELF IV 58 226
  Clay Timmons 2-Tran 51 217
  Clay Timmons Lego Flop 74 212
  David Anderson SR04 49 164
Earl W. Ballinger
Earl M. Ballinger
David Peterson
Joshua Schuler
Scooter Ziggy Blind Bot
Special Awards
Best New Robot Curtis Slaten Ballast
Innovative New Design David Anderson N-Bot
Innovative New Design Clay Timmons Lego Flop
Fastest New Design Keith Colson KIWI

You can also get the video from Gold Leopard Productions.

For more complete results, download the Judges' Scoring Spreadsheet, Excel 95 format

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