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September 20, 2003 RoboRama.03b Results

Held at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

RoboRama 03b Today's marathon 4-hour RoboRama was perhaps the largest in DPRG history. We had 47 entries, 37 robots, and at least 3 visitors from Austin. Many, many thanks to the prize donors, the volunteers, and our hosts at The Science Place who make it all possible and fun.

Special thanks go out to the DPRG volunteers, who make it happen:

  • Master of Ceremonies: Kipton Morovec
  • Judges: John Caldwell, Rick Bickle, and Bill Boyer. Extra-special thanks to Ralph Tenny, whose generous financial contribution to the DPRG resulted in the purchase of 4 digital stop-watches.
  • Sign-in: Frank Elia
  • Scorekeeper: Teresa Trotman
  • Scorekeeper's Helper: Scott Rivers
  • Videographer: Cindy Rivers
  • Award certificates printed and supplied by: Earl W. Bollinger (The elder)
  • Forms printed and supplied by: R. Steven Rainwater
  • Course set-up, transport, and take-down: John Drummond, Glenn Pipe, Jeff Koenig, Bill James, and others
Jeff Koenig
President, DPRG

View this RoboRama in the Photo Gallery, or get the video from Gold Leopard Productions.

Quick Trip
Place Builder Robot Score Prize
1st Earl W. Bollinger Mini Cooper 240 RC40 Robotic Resource Kit with SDK, dontated by Compubotics
2nd David P. Anderson Legobot 215 $20 gift certificate, dontated by Tanner Electronics
3rd Ron Grant Skipper 211 RS-232 development PCB, designed and donated by Bill Boyer
Line Following
1st David Anderson SR04 215 Basic Stamp carrier board, dontated by Solutions Cubed, Inc.
2nd John Drummond Liner 211 $30 gift certificate, dontated by Tanner Electronics
3rd Martin Meier Tiny Tank 206 A pair of Pittman gear motors, dontated by Tom Gralewicz
1st Travis Trotman R2 271 MotorMind C controller & a Basic Stamp carrier board, dontated by Solutions Cubed, Inc.
2nd Ron Grant Skipper 261 $40 gift certificate, dontated by Tanner Electronics
3rd David P. Anderson n-Bot 248 Custom optical encoder disks, designed and donated by Rick Bickle
Can Can
1st David P. Anderson SR04 507 Pic-an-LCD serial LCD controller, dontated by Dale Wheat
2nd Earl M. Bollinger Growbot 2 265 NMIH-754410 Dual H-Bridge module, dontated by New Micros, Inc
3rd Sheila Doyle 6-Pack 208 Atmel Butterfly development board, dontated by Dale Wheat
Judges' Awards
Award Builder Robot
DaVinci Award Ron Grant Skipper
Best Engineered David P. Anderson n-bot
My Robot Fried The Earls & their infinite number of robots

For more complete results, download the Judges' Scoring Spreadsheet, Excel format

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