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2004 RoboRama.04a Results

Held April 3th at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

View this RoboRama in the Photo Gallery, or get the video from Gold Leopard Productions.

Quick Trip
Place Builder Robot Score
1st David Anderson LegoBot 227
2nd Travis Trotman R2 215
3rd Jeff Koenig K2 Smoky 178
  Eric Summer Gamma 156
  Frank Eila 2 Step 133
  Ron Grant Tip 95
  Brian Huff Trontula 72
Line Following
1st Scott Gibson Quickie 251
2nd David Martineaux Dixie 233
3rd David Anderson SRO4 223
  Dale Wheat Purple Prowler 198
  Max Vivani Red Knight 185
  FHS Robotics Robo II 183
  FHS Robotics Robo I 182
  Sarah Minter Simon 179
  Steve Rainwater Not Quite C-Bot 162
  Ron Grant Tip 85
1st Travis Trotman R2 266
2nd David Anderson N-Bot 228
3rd Jeff Keonig K2 Smoky 206
  Ron Grant Tip 160
  Sheila Doyle Vergil 81
  Eric Summer Gamma 78
  David Martineaus Dixie 52
  Frank Eila 2 Step 65
1st David Anderson SRO4 674
2nd David Anderson LegoBot 469
3rd Jeff Koenig K2 Smoky 137
  Dale Wheat Purple Prowler 116
  Eric Summer Gamma 58
  Ron Grant Tip 49
Judges' Awards
Award Builder Robot
Best Engineered David Anderson SR04
DaVinci Award Ron Grant Tip
My Robot Fried The folks (from Austin?) Walking robot that crumpled to the ground

For more complete results, download the Judges' Scoring Spreadsheet, Excel format

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