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2004 RoboRama.04b Results

Held September 18th at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

Thanks to all who attended RoboRama as either a competitor, audience, or volunteer. I would like to especially thank the volunteers who make events like this happen, and the many others assisted through out the competition and afterwards taking the course apart. THANKS!

  • Judges: Martin Meier, Charlie Youngblood, David Ellis
  • Scorekeeper: Teresa Trotman
  • Hauling and setup: Martin Meier
  • Prizes: Martin Meier

Get the video from Gold Leopard Productions.

Quick Trip
Place Builder Robot Score
1st Tip Ron Grant 197
2nd Navigator 2 Dale Wheat 185
3rd Mayhem Brian Merritt 171
Line Following
1st As seen on TV Scott Gibson 247
2nd No Name Scott Gibson 223
3rd Navigator 2 Dale Wheat 28
1st Tip Ron Grant 257
2nd N-Bot David Anderson 220
3rd Gamma Eric Sumner 179
1st SR04 David Anderson 673
2nd Gamma Eric Sumner 208
3rd Navigator 2 Dale Wheat 35
Judges' Awards
Award Builder Robot
Best Engineered David Anderson SR04
DaVinci Award Eric Sumner Gamma
My Robot Fried Dale Wheat Navigator 2

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