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2005 RoboRama.05a Results

Held May 21st at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

Get the video from Gold Leopard Productions. Thanks to Cindy Rivers for the contest results.

Quick Trip
Place Builder Robot Score
1st Ron Grant Tip II 322 points
2nd Dick Swan Noname 262 points
3rd Dale Wheat New Robot 194 points
Line Following
1st Gary Culp Podkayne 279 points
2nd Frank Elia Echo 222 points
3rd Ron Grant Tip II 102 points
  Dale Wheat Wolf 93 points
1st Ron Grant Tip 362 points
2nd Ron Grant Skipper 304 points
3rd Dale Wheat New Robot 102 points
  Clay Timmons Eye Robot 92 points
1st Ron Grant Tip II 302 points
2nd Dale Wheat New Robot 109 points
3rd Clay Timmons Grab-n-Run 84 points
Judges' Awards
Award Builder Robot
My Robot Fried Ron Grant Tip II
Best Engineered Award Gary Culp Podkayne
Da Vinci Award Clay Timmons Eye Robot

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