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May 17th, 1997 RoboRama.97a Results

Held at The Infomart, Dallas, TX

We had the largest crowd in history, and we had more robots in the May meeting than any previous meeting. From the applause that filled the room during the robotics contest, it appears that a good time was had by all. This contest was the first contest in many years.

Get the video from Gold Leopard Productions, or check out the Photo Gallery.

Contest Results
Roger Arrick1 bit19 sec
Jim Brown2 bitn/a
Eric YundtYaTu9 sec
Jim BrownBaby Bot IIIn/a
Clay TimmonsLine Feed30 sec
Roger ArrickD-bot13 sec
Jim BrownBaby Bot IIn/a
Steve RainwaterRemulacn/a
Clay TimmonsHero-1n/a
John WadleyLow Rider52 sec

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