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October 23rd, 1999 RoboRama.99b

Held at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

I want to thank all of those who helped on RoboRama. I especially want to thank the Science Place for giving us a great place for the contest. Also thanks to Robin for coordinating the event there and her help in getting tables, chairs and just making it happen.
- - Bill James

View this RoboRama in the Photo Gallery, or get the video from Gold Leopard Productions.

Line Following
Place Contestant Robot Time Points
1st David Anderson SRO477 secs256
2nd Dan Miner Legoline tractor 69 sec 239
3rd Dennis Draheim Rover 123 sec 237
4th Clay Timmons Eye Robot II -- 99
1st Dennis Draheim Rover 77 secs 303
2nd David Anderson SRO4 77 secs 290
3rd Clay Timmons Eye Robot II 74 secs 229
4th John Drummond JackBot -- 96
5th Delynda Johnson Mousie -- 63
1st David Anderson SRO4 413 secs 731
2nd Clay Timmons Eye Robot II 48 secs 238
3rd Dennis Draheim Rover 122 secs 214

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