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Talent Competition 2004

November 20, 2004

A fine time was had by all watching some robots do "talented" activities on Saturday at The Science Place. A total of eleven robots were entered each with an interesting talent the builder got to show off.

I think tapes will be available from Cindy if there is enough interest, see Cindy's earlier email on the topic.

Thanks to all who helped setup and haul the course materials. Thanks to all who brought a talented robot to show off.

John Drummond, President

Robot Builder Talent
COW1 Will Kuhnle Walks
Red Tread Charlie + Caleb Youngblood IR seeking/remote control
Mind of Furby Steve + Gus Bolen Quick Trip
TIP Ron Grant Talks, Listens, Sees, and Balances
Mayhem Brian Merritt Stunts
GIR The Bolens Obstacle avoidance
Debot3 David Ellis Speed!
Benchmark3 David Ellis Mini Sumo
Line Follower Dale Wheat Very simple line follower
Little Robot Dale Wheat Speaks kid
B.O.B The Bolens Line following
The awards were given by voting the top three talents on a secret ballot
1st Place TIP Ron Grant
2nd Place Mayhem Brian Merritt
3rd Place COW1 Will Kuhnle
Da Vinci Award Mind of Furby Steve + Gus Bolen
Best Engineered TIP Ron Grant

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