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DPRG Tabletop Robotics 01.a Contest

Held at The Science Place, Fair Park, Dallas, TX on February 3, 2001

Congratulations to all the contestants! Thanks to all the Judges, Scorekeepers, Setup/Tear-down folks, Contest Committee, Coordinators, Videographer, and the wonderful crowd of spectators and The Science Place.

  • Contest Committee: John Caldwell, Frank Elia, Robert Jordan
  • Contest Judges: Tom Day's Sister, Ralph Tenny, Eric Yundt
  • Scorekeeper: Vicki Taylor
  • Timekeeper: Eric Yundt
  • Videographer: Cindy Rivers


Builder Robot(s)
Kevin CarterMidget
Dennis DraheimRatmeister
Frank EliaViperbot, H.I.M. AKA Billy Bass Bot, Too Big But What The Heck
Kaylee JordanLittle BOE 3
James KoffemanJKEK
Randy ManningMINDSTORM
Dan MinerLEGO Line Follower
Melissa & Christa MinerBoEbot
David PetersonSarge II, Cyber Spider
Clay Timmons2 Tran
Marty VulkRed Rolly


Place Score Builder Robot
Quick Trip - Type A (8" x 8")
1st99.0 James KoffemanJKEK
2nd54.7 David PetersonCyber Spider
Quick Trip - Type B & C (6" x 6", 4" x 4")
1st97.0 Dennis DraheimRatmeister
2nd90.3 Melissa & Christa MinerBoEbot
3rd69.0 Randy ManningMINDSTORM
4th 51.67 Kevin CarterMidget
Line Following - Type A (8" x 8")
1st92.7 Dan MinerLEGO Line Follower
2nd71.0 Frank EliaH.I.M. AKA Billy Bass Bot
...... Kaylee JordanLittle BOE 3
Line Following - Type B & C (6" x 6", 4" x 4")
1st90.7 Clay Timmons2 Tran
2nd87.0 Frank EliaToo Big But What The Heck
3rd51.7 Kaylee JordanLittle BOE 3
...... Marty VulkRed Rolly
1st2/2 David PetersonSarge II
2nd0/2 Frank EliaViperbot
...... Marty Vulk Red Rolly
Special recognition awards handed out after the contest:
Youngest BuilderJames Koffeman with JKEK
Best BuilderClay Timmons with 2 Tran
Best DressedViperbot by Frank Elia
Most EntertainingRatmeister by Dennis Draheim
My Robot Fried!Marty Vulk for Red Rolly
Kevin Carter for Midget

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