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DPRG Tabletop Robotics 05b Contest

Held at the DPRG Warehouse, Garland, TX on August 20, 2005

Thanks to all the folks who made TableTop Robotics 2005b a great success! Our club treasurer, Martin Meier, coordinated the event and basically took charge of everything that needed to be done. Thanks Martin - great job! Additional thanks go to James Harris, who handled the score tabulation chores.

Former President John Drummond stepped in as our new "One Judge", with Eric Sumner assisting as official timekeeper. Thanks guys - you made it look easy!

Vice President Ron Grant and Frank Elia teamed up to get the commemorative event T-shirts delivered. Thanks to you fellas and the good people at Mike's Hobby Shop and Go-Tees Graphics! We still have a few Large and XXL T-shirts left - $10, first come, first served at the next RBNO, if anyone else wants one that didn't get one already. These are really nice, heavy cotton, short sleeved T-shirts with "DPRG TableTop Robotics 2005b" on front and back.

My apologies to all the people I'm forgetting or omitting in any way. It was a great event with a spectacular turnout, and we all got to see some interesting robots do their thing, as well as enjoying good human company and tasty summer food (again thanks to our generous benefactor, VP Ron Grant).

Due to previous commitments, Martin will be unable to coordinate our next big event - RoboRama 2005b! If you're interested in coordinating this upcoming event, please contact me directly. The sooner we get started, the more fun we can have with it!

We also need to thank our generous sponsors, who provided valuable prizes to our contest winners: New Micros, Inc., Tanner's Electronics, and your humble president.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen.

Dale Wheat, president


Place Builder Robot Points
Line Following
1st Dick Swan Noname 106
2nd James Koffeman Ike 94
3rd John Abshier Jose Valdez 84
Wall Following
1st John Abshier Jose Valdez 114
2nd Ron Grant Mini Tip 86
Quick Trip
1st Ron Grant Mini Tip 93
2nd John Abshier Jose Valdez 92
3rd Will Kuhnle Rube 79
Mini Sumo
1st James Koffeman Ike  
2nd John Abshier Challen  
3rd John Abshier Gian  

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