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Our videographer
A robotic challenger
Cindy Rivers

Cindy Rivers, who is a long time member of the DPRG and video producer has professional quality videos available of the DPRG's RoboRamas! The videos are reasonably priced and can be purchased directly from Cindy Rivers. Check out the RoboRama Video webpage at Gold Leopard Productions for details and video stills.

Here is one person's review of the video:

I don't know how many of you have already seen the tape of the RoboRama, but I must say, Cindy did one truly professional job. The video of our event really looks like something you'd see on the Discovery Channel or like the Robots Alive video, except much more personal and more geared for Robot Enthusiasts rather than trying to "wow" the general public with high-tech.
Each Robot (except a late-comer or two) is presented by the Robot's creator/engineer/partner and then all the contest runs, complete with funny antics are shown -- even the potentially litigable, fraught with peril, "DBot Runs Amok" exhibition.
Roger, don't let a jury get ahold if it!
Little YaTu gives it 3 thumbs up (or he would if I spent more time on grippers!)
Thank you Cindy for a memorable keepsake.

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