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The Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG), founded in June of 1984, is one of the nation’s oldest special interest groups dedicated to the development and use of personal robotics. The DPRG is a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational organization. DPRG members are interested in autonomous robots, movie replica robots, vintage robots, robot and kinetic art, as well as just about anything involving electronics, technology, or science

Join us for monthly meetings, robot competitions, weekly hands-on workshops, and field trips. Check the DPRG Calendar for info.

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DPRG meets at the Dallas Maker Space. The address is:
1825 Monetary Lane Suite 104
Carrollton, TX 75006

Map of the meeting location

December Competitions - Stakes increase with New Sponsor!

Have you ever dreamed of building a robot with your own custom designed metal parts? Well, if you win either of DPRG's December indoor competition events, you will have your opportunity. Big Blue Saw has provided two very nice prizes that can be used on their waterjet cutting service. You can checkout all their services below. It is time to up your game!

Video Up From October Meeting

DPRG member David Anderson's Robot Software presentation made at the club's October meeting is now available on the DPRG Youtube channel.
David's Presentation - part 1
David's Presentation - part 2
Check it out!

November 14th – DPRG indoor competition practice session

Instead of a normal monthly meeting in November, the meeting room will be set up to allow competitors to practice the December indoor competitions; Six-can and Five Spot. The arenas will be in place between Noon and 4 PM.

November 21th - RoboColumbus-Plus Outdoor Competition

The outdoor competition this year is an expanded version of RoboColumbus called RoboColumbus-Plus. It will be conducted at an outdoor venue near Lewisville lake. The contest is a challenging test of your outdoor robot's build and your navigational skills.

December 12th - Six Cans and Five Spot Indoor Competitions

In December, we move indoors with two competitions at the Dallas Maker Space, Six-cans and Five Spot. Six-cans is a popular gateway competition to the May 2016 Can-Can Soccer event. There has been a lot of trash talk about handily beating the club time record. Five Spot is a new competition that will challenge your robot's obstacle avoidance and navigational ability.

Robot Builder’s Night Out

Remember to join your follow robot builders at Robot Builders Night Out (RBNO) every Tuesday from 6:30-10 PM at the Dallas Maker Space. Bring your robot!

Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG) 

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