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Why Join the DPRG?

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By becoming a member of the DPRG, you help support the group. Your $40 annual membership fee helps to pay for club activities, tools, test equipment, robotics contests, and guest speakers.

Among the benefits of DPRG membership are:

  • A vote in official DPRG meetings
  • Access to DPRG tools
  • Access to DPRG test equipment
  • Access to DPRG loaner hardware
  • Access to the DPRG library of robotics books
  • Write access to the DPRG Github repository for project hosting
  • A listing and 2 links from the DPRG members page
  • Special discounts from DPRG sponsors

Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

Join the DPRG

Who can become a member? Anyone!

How much does it cost? Membership dues are $40 per year.

When do I pay? Anytime. Your membership will last one year, begining on the date of payment, just like a magazine subscription.

Is there an age requirement? No, members of all ages are welcome. We do ask that small children be accompanied by an adult at meetings and especially at the RBNOs where dangers such as power tools and high voltages may be present.

Do members have to live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area? No, but we are a local organization, so it will be harder for your to participate if you are not physically present. If you don't live in Dallas but would still like to be a member, you're welcome to join. However, if you goal is to help support us, please consider instead, making a donation.


How to Join the DPRG

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Becoming a member is easy. There are two ways to do it.

Join Online Now! - Join online now for just $40. You'll have the option of paying online with your credit card or by PayPal through a secure, SSL encrypted web page or you can mail a check or bring your payment to the next meeting.

Membership Application (PDF format) - If you're prefer to do it the old fashioned way, print out this membership application on a piece of a dead tree. Bring it to the next meeting with your $40 payment or mail it to us with a check and we'll take care of things for you.

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