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Books (by title)

62 Home Remote Control and Automation Projects
By Delton T. Horn (1986)
ISBN 0-8306-2735-9

Active-Filter Cookbook
By Don Lancaster (1975)
ISBN 0-672-21168-8

AIX 6000 Developer's Tool Kit
By Kevin E. Leininger (1996)
ISBN 0-07-911993-X

A Programmed Review for Electrical Engineering
By James H. Bentley, & Karen M. Hess (1978)
ISBN 0-442-20693-3

Artificial Intelligence - Making Machines "Think"
By Neil Graham (1979)
ISBN 0-8306-1076-6

Battlebots The Official Guide
By Mark Clarkson (2002)
ISBN 0-07-222425-8

Build Your Own Combat Robot
By Pete Miles, & Tom Carroll
ISBN 0-07-219464-2

Building Robot Drive Trains
By Dennis Clark, & Michael Owings (2003)
ISBN 0-07-140850-9

Build Your Own Working Robot
By David L. Heiserman (1977)
ISBN 0-8306-5841-6

C/C++ for Expert Systems
By David Hu (1989)
ISBN 0-943518-86-5

Cambrian Intelligence
By Rodney A. Brooks (1999)
ISBN 0-262-02468-3

Competitive MINDSTORMS A Complete Guide to Robotic Sumo using LEGO MINDSTORMS
By David J. Perdue (2004)
ISBN 1-59059-375-8

Delton T. Horn's All-Time Favorite Electronic Projects
By Delton T. Horn (1988)
ISBN 0-8306-3105-4

DOS Internals
By Geoff Chappell (1994)
ISBN 0-201-60835-9

Eight Stories From the Rest of the Robots
By Isaac Asimov (1983)
ISBN 0-425-06119-1

Electricity Demystified a Self-Teaching Guide
By Stan Gibilisco (2005)
ISBN 0-07-143925-0

Encyclopedia of Integrated Circuits: A Practical Handbook of Essential 
Reference Data
By Walter H. Buchsbaum (1981)
ISBN 0-13-275875-X

Experiments in Artifical Intelligence for Small Computers
By John Krutch (1981)
ISBN 0-672-21785-6

Extending DOS 2nd Ed., A Programmer's Guide to Protected-Mode DOS
By Duncan, Petzold, Schulman, Baker, Nelson, Davis, & Moote (1992)
ISBN 0-201-56798-9

Extreme Mindstorms, An Advanced Guide to LEGO Mindstorms
By Dave Baum, Michael Gasperi, Ralph Hempel, & Luis Villa (2000)
ISBN 1-893115-84-4

Gear Heads - the Turbulent Rise of Robotic Sports
By Brad Stone (2003)
ISBN 0-7432-2951-7

Graphic JAVA - Mastering the AWT
By David M. Geary, & Alan L. McClellan (1997)
ISBN 0-13-565847-0

Graphic JAVA2 Mastering the JFC (3rd ed) vol II
By David M. Geary (1999)
ISBN 0-13-079667-0

Hands-On BASIC For The IBM Personal Computer
By Herbert Peckham (1983)
ISBN 0-07-049178-X

Hot ICs For The Electronics Hobbyist
By Stan Gibilisco
ISBN 0-8306-3841-5

How to Build Your Own Working Robot Pet
By Frank DaCosta (1981)
ISBN 0-8306-1141-x

How To Design And Build Your Own Custom Robot
By David L. Heiserman (1981)
ISBN 0-8306-1341-3

HTML for Fun and Profit
By Mary E.S. Morris (1996)
ISBN 0-13-242488-6

Interfacing to the IBM Personal Computer
By Lewis C. Eggebrecht (1983)
ISBN 0-672-22027-x

JAVA 1.1 - No Experience Required
By Steven Holzner (1997)
ISBN 0-7821-2083-0

JAVA by Example
By Jerry R. Jackson, & Alan L. McClellan (1996)
ISBN 0-13-565763-6

JDBC Database Access with JAVA
By Graham Hamilton, Rick Cattell, & Maydene Fisher (1997)
ISBN 0-201-30995-5

Karel The Robot 2nd Ed., A Gentle Introduction to The Art of Programming
By Richard E. Pattis, Jim Roberts, & Mark Stehlik (1995)
ISBN 0-471-59725-2

Learn C++ on The PC
By David Mark (1993)
ISBN 0-201-62622-5

Linux! I Didn't Know You Could Do That
By Nicholas D. Wells (2000)
ISBN 0-7821-2612-X

Mastering JAVA 1.1 (2nd Ed.)
By SYBEX, Inc. (1996)
ISBN 0-7821-2070-9

Microcomputer - Analog Converter Software & Hardware Interfacing
By Titus, Titus, Rony, & Larson (1978)
ISBN 0-672-21540-1

Mobile Robots Inspiration to Implementation Second Edition
By Joseph L. Jones, Anita M. Flynn, & Bruce A. Seiger (1999)
ISBN 1-56881-097-0

Multitask Windows NT
By Joel Powell (1993)
ISBN 1-878739-57-3

Object-Oriented Design and Programming with C++
By Ronald Leach (1995)
ISBN 0-12-440215-1

Offical Red Hat Linux 6.1 Reference Guide
By Red Hat, inc. (1999)
ISBN 1-58569-020-1

Practical Robotics
By Bill Davies (?)
ISBN 0-9681830-0-X

Pratical Triac/SCR Projects for the Experimenter
By R.W. Fox (1974)
ISBN 0-8306-3695-1

Principles Of Artificial Intelligence
By Nils J. Nilsson (1980)
ISBN 0-935382-01-1

Projects in Machine Intelligence for Your Home Computer
By David L. Heiserman (1982)
ISBN 0-8306-1391-9

Real Time Programming - Neglected Topics
By Caxton C. Foster (1981)
ISBN 0-201-01937-X

Robot Builder's Sourcebook
By Gordon McComb (2003)
ISBN 0-07-140685-9

Robot Building for Beginners
By David Cook (2002)
ISBN 1-893115-44-5

Robot Intelligence With Experiments
By David L. Heiserman (1981)
ISBN 0-8306-1191-6

Robot Manipulators
By Richard P. Paul (1983)
ISBN 0-262-16082-x

Robot Motion: Planning And Control
By Brady, Hollerbach, Johnson, Lozano-Perez, & Mason (1982)
ISBN 0-262-02182-X

Robot Sumo - The Offical Guide
By Pete Miles (2002)
ISBN 0-07-222617-X

Robot Tech Talk
By Ruth & Ed Radlauer, Jean & Bob Mather (1985)
ISBN 0-516-48254-8

Robot World
By Mike Sharp (1985)
ISBN 0-528-87137-4

By Omni Publications International, Ltd. (1985)
ISBN 0-385-19414-5

Robotics Age
By Carl T. Helmers (1983)
ISBN 0-8104-6325-3

Robots - Machines in Man's Image
By Isaac Asimov, & Karen A. Frenkel (1985)
ISBN 0-517-55110-1

Robots & Robotology
By R.H. Warring (1984)
ISBN 0-8306-1673-x

Robots on Your Doorstep
By Nels Winkless, & Iben Browning (1978)
ISBN 0-89661-000-4

Schildt's Expert C++
By Herbert Schildt (1992)
ISBN 0-07-882209-2

Slackware Linux Installation and Getting Started
By Matt Welsh (1996)
ISBN 1-57176-192-6

Special Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux
By Que Corporation (1999)
ISBN 0-7897-2058-2

Talking Computers and Telecommunications
By John A. Kuecken (1983)
ISBN 0-442-24721-4

Teach Yourself JAVA in 21 Days (Professional Reference Ed.)
By Laura Lemay, Charles L. Perkins, & Michael Morrison (1996)
ISBN 1-57521-183-1

Teach Yourself Perl 5 in 21 Days (2nd ed)
By David Till (1996)
ISBN 0-672-30894-0

The 80X86 IBM PC and Compatible Computers Vol. II, Design and Interfacing of
The IBM PC, PS, and Compatibles 3rd Ed.
By Muhammad Ali Mazidi, & Janice Gillispie Mazidi (2000)
ISBN 0-13-016567-0

The Artificial Intelligence Experience: An Introduction
By Susan J. Scrow (1985)
ISBN 0-932376-84-3

The Complete C++ Primer (2nd ed)
By keith Weiskamp, & Bryan Flamig (1996)
ISBN 0-12-742686-8

The Complete Idot's Guide to Linux
By Manuel Alberto Ricart (1998)
ISBN 0-7897-1826-x

The Handbook of Artifical Intelligence (vol 3)
By Paul R. Cohen, & Edward A. Feigenbaum (1982)
ISBN 0-86576-007-1

The JAVA Tutorial Continued - The Rest of the JDK
By Mary Campione, Kathy Walrath, & Alison Humul (1999)
ISBN 0-201-48558-3

The JFC Swing Tutorial
By Kathy Walrath, & Mary Campione (1999)
ISBN 0-201-43321-4

The Modern Power Supply and Battery Charger Circuit Encyclopedia
By Rudolf F. Graf (1992)
ISBN 0-8306-3923-3

The Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language
By Vitaly Maljugin, Jacov Izrailevich, Semyon Lavin, & Aleksandr Sopin
ISBN 1-874416-12-5

The Robotics Primer
By Robert A. Ullrich (1983)
ISBN 0-13-782136-0

The State-Of-The-Art Robot Catalog
By Phil Berger (1984)
ISBN 0-396-08361-7

The Vor
By Unknown
ISBN Unknown

The Year of the Robot
By Wayne Chen (1981)
ISBN 0-918398-50-9

Troubleshooting Your PC 2nd Ed.
By Jim Aspinwall, Rory Burk, & Mike Todd (1994)
ISBN 1-55828-378-1

Turbo Pascal for BASIC Programmers
By Paul Garrison (1985)
ISBN 0-88022-167-4

UML Toolkit
By Hans-Erik Eriksson, & Magnus Penker (1998)
ISBN 0-471-19161-2

Understanding Electronic Control Of Automation Systems
By Neil M. Schmitt, & Robert F. Farwell (1983)
ISBN 0-89512-052-6

Undocumented DOS 2nd Ed., A Programmer's Guide to Reserved MS-DOS 
Functions & DATA Structures
By Andrew Schulman, Ralph Brown, David Maxey, Raymond J. Michels, & Jim Kyle (1994)
ISBN 0-201-63287-X

Unix Primer Plus
By Mitchell Waite, Donald Martin, & Stephen Prata
ISBN 0-672-22028-8

Using Caldera Openlinux - Special Edition
By Que Corporation (1999)
ISBN 0-7897-2058-2

Verbal Control With Microcomputers
By Mike Rigsby (1982)
ISBN 0-8306-1468-0

Visual C++ Power Tool Kit
By Richard C. Leinecker, & Jamie Nye (1995)
ISBN 1-56604-191-0

Visual C++ Programming
By Steven Holzner (1993)
ISBN 1-56686-048-2

Writing Windows Device Drivers
By Daniel A. Norton (1992)
ISBN 0-201-57795-X

Data Books (by Mfg.)

ATMEL Corporation
AVR Enhanced RISC Microcontroller (May 1997)
Data Book

ATMEL Corporation
AVR RISC Microcontroller (Aug 1999)
Data Book

ATMEL Corporation
Configurable Logic (Mar 1997)
Data Book

ATMEL Corporation
Microcontroller (Dec 1997)
Data Book

ATMEL Corporation
Nonvolatile Memory (May 1996)
Data Book

Dallas Semiconductor
Automatic Identification (1995/96)
Data Book

Dallas Semiconductor
PC (1995)
Data Book

Dallas Semiconductor
Products (1990/91)
Data Book

Dallas Semiconductor
Soft Microcontroller (1993)
Data Book

Dallas Semiconductor
Telecommunications (1990)
Data Book

Dallas Semiconductor
Telecommunications (1995/96)
Data Book

Harris Semiconductor
Linear ICs for Commercial Applications (1990)
Data Book

Harris Semiconductor
Linear & Telecom ICs for Analog Signal Processing Applications (1993/94)
Data Book

Metal Supermarkets
Metal Referance Guide (2002)
Data Book 

Motorola Inc.
CMOS/NMOS Special Functions (1986)
Data Book

Motorola Inc.
M68HC11 Reference Manual (rev.3) (1991)
Data Book

Motorola Inc.
MC68HC05B6 Technical Data (Rev.4) (1996)
Data Book

Motorola Inc.
MC68HC11E9 Technical Data (rev.1) (1991)
Data Book

Motorola Inc.
Telecommunications Devices (1985)
Data Book

National Semiconductor
Operational Amplifiers (1993)
Data Book

Panasonic Semiconductor
Panasonic Electronic Components - Optoelectronic Devices (1990)
Data Book

Philips Semiconductor
80c51-Based 8-Bit Microcontrollers (1997)
Data Book

Philips Semiconductor
80c51xa 16-bit Microcontrollers (Extended Architecture) (1996)
Data Book

Philips Semiconductor
Application Notes and Development Tools for 80c51 Microcontrollers (1997)
Data Book

QT Optoelectronics
Optoelectronic Products (1995/96)
Data Book

Linear Integrated Circuits (1989)
Data Book

Linear Integrated Circuits and MOS Devises SSD-201B (1974)
Data Book

Linear Integrated Circuits and MOS Devices SSD-202B (1974)
Data Book

SenSym, Inc.
Solid-State Sensor Handbook (1991)
Data Book

Optoelectronics (1993)
data Book

Three-Five Systems, Inc.
Liquid Crystal Display Modules (1993)
Data Book

Catalogs (by Mfg.)

Advanced Micro Devices
Fusion29k (5th Ed.) (1992)

Allied Devices
Standard Precision Mechanical Components no. 14 (Nov. 1988)

Boston Gear (1991)
Bearings Products

Conversion Devices, Inc.
DC/DC Power Converters - Product Handbook

(PO21B Mar-Apr 2002)

(to23 Sept-Dec 2002)

Edmund Industrial Optics 
Optics and Optical Instruments (2003)

Hurst Manufacturing Division, Emerson Electric Company
Instrument Grade Hurst Motors and Stepping Motor Controls 5000, 35th Ed.)

Mouser Electronics
#608 Nov 2001 - January 2003

Mouser Electronics
#613 Feb-Apr 2003

Nordex, Inc.
Standard Components for Designers, Engineers and Purchasing Agents
(Design Guide 100) (1991)

Product (2003)

Product (2005)

PIC Design
PIC Design 41 (1990)

Small Parts Inc.
No. 12

Small Parts Inc. 
No. 18W (1997)

Sterling Instrument
Stock Drive Components, Handbook of Metric Drive Components 777 (1995)

Sterling Instrument
Stock Drive Parts, Handbook of Gears 190 (1992)

Sterling Instrument
Stock Drive Products, Handbook of Timing Belts, Chains & Friction Drives
d210 (1991)

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