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9 January 2010 Business Meeting Minutes

The following DPRG officers were in attendance:

  • Ed Paradis, President
  • Paul Bouchier, Vice President
  • Doug Emmes, Treasurer
  • Eric Chaney, Secretary
  • Glenn Pipe, Librarian
  • Steve Rainwater, Webmaster, grant committee
  • Bruce Harlan, grant committee

Minutes of the January 09, 2010 DPRG Board of Directors Meeting

  • Meeting held directly after main January monthly meeting. Next Schedule Meeting for Officers: January 26th At the Generator at 7pm.


  • Doug Emes will give a presentation at the next meeting on the status of club funds. Put together monthly statements of club funds
  • Revisit the $20 dollars a year membership dues.
  • Research money building options: teaching scouts presentation and popcorn machine purchase. Research asking for an honorarium, fee, for club presentations.
  • Monitor spending of the clubs funds and build a minimum reserve.
  • Check IRS paperwork for 501(c)(3) requirements. Martin Meier will meet at the end of the week with Doug Emes to transfer information. Ed Paradis can scan and create PDFs of existing documents.
  • Explore receiving grant money, products and electronics from corporations. Research information on how to run a nonprofit.
  • Research directors and club insurance. Find costs and services available.
  • T-shirts will not be reordered until the current stock is depleted and research lower cost options for future runs.
  • Find permanent location for club, this may included donated space, rented space or a hackerspace, www.hackerspaces.org. Cost estimated at 30 dollars a month per member. Find out how much members would pay for equipment: drills, saws, and lathes etc.


  • Put together amendment to the club bylaws to allow honorary members. Prepare for vote. Bylaws can be presented at RBNO and voted on by the group.


  • Ed Paradis will build an events list, including AllCon, RoboRama A, and Hockaday on January 23rd.
  • DPRG will have a table at First LEGO League regional championship at Hockaday School.
  • Contact Tanner electronics about location and prizes for RoboRama A
  • RoboRama A, indoor and outdoor events will be scheduled for the same day.
  • Assign a single person in charge of each event. Single Point Contact.
  • We are currently waiting for an answer from the Museum of science for information on a table.


  • Club needs to build a robot crash kit, plan robot presentations and tabletop presentations. Find a location to store the kit
  • Doug to put together a list of parts belonging to the club and locations.
  • Research clubs role with educating children: Lego First, Wedo.
  • What should we do as a club in regards to assisting individual and groups with education? What fees should we charge and what type of services should be offered?
  • Research asking for an honorarium, fee, for presentations
  • Research options and design to update club logo: costs for hiring a professional designer.
  • Maintain websites such as Facebook.

Eric Chaney
DPRG Secretary

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