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24 August 2010 Business Meeting Minutes

Location: The Generator, 107 N. 6th Street, Garland, TX, 75040

The following DPRG officers were in attendance:

  • Paul Bouchier, acting President
  • Eric Chaney, Secretary
  • Glenn Pipe, Librarian
  • Steve Rainwater, Webmaster, grant committee
  • Mark Havens, Representative from Dallas Makerspace


  • DPRG: Dallas Personal Robotics Group
  • DMS: Dallas Makerspace
  • RBNO: Robot Builders Night Out, weekly meeting of the DPRG

Dallas Makerspace issues:

  1. The DMS needs to purchase and install an RFID lock system to facilitate twenty-four hour access to the facility. Permits and all applicable forms will be filed with the city and with the owners of the building.
  2. Peter Smith has been elected to head the steering committee of the Dallas Makerspace. He will facilitate issues that may arise between the DPRG and the DMS, as well as plan and facilitate the goals of the DMS.
  3. Beginning in September 2010 the DPRG will contribute financial support of 100 dollars a month towards the DMS for hosting biweekly meetings.
  4. An issue with the wording in the DPRG Hackerspace Policy document with regards to the owner ship and assets has been addressed to present the true intention:

    The Original Text read:

    "If the hackerspace for some reason wishes to separate from the DPRG it may separate from the DPRG by forming its own non-profit organization and management structure such that the equipment of the DPRG may be transferred to it."

    Response from Steve Rainwater:

    “The intent is that when the DMS spins off from the DPRG, any equipment and donations that were earmarked for the DMS would be transferred to them. It doesn't mean that stuff belonging to the DPRG will be transferred to them. It should probably read something like "funds and equipment which the DPRG is managing for the hackerspace may be transferred to them".

    Future documents will be updated with this change.

    A link to this document will be posted on both the DPRG and DMS websites.

    Mark Havens is in charge of this document.

  5. Assets that were donated through the assistance of David Wilson will be divided between the DPRG and DMS by Peter Smith (DMS board appointee) and Glenn Pipe (DPRG librarian) in some manner that seems reasonable and equitable. Steve had contacted David, who had suggested splitting them between the organizations. The family did not indicate a preference. An inventory list will be kept with the assistance of the Peter Smith (DMS Chairman) and Glen Pipe (DPRG Librarian). The board agreed to offer thanks to the family who donated the equipment. Paul Bouchier will contact David & get in touch with the family to see what is appropriate, which could include a note of appreciation and/or a place on a DPRG donor’s page.

    The DMS and DPRG will see that all equipment if properly cared for and that the equipment will not be mixed up. Both group have agreed to share the equipment regardless of designation of said items.

    A donated tab will be added to the inventory list and an accurate list will be maintained. The current inventory only lists items by box. This list will be updated. Two inventory lists will be created to show each group assets.

    Only members will be able to view the inventory list.

    A list of items that are owned by the DPRG and are able to be checked out will be created. This includes books that are currently not in the inventory. Items will be marked with labels.

    These lists will be posted to the members list.

    A donors web page will be created to thank all those that have graciously donated the DPRG and DMS.

Robot Builders Night Out:

The DPRG will lose access to Probotics for RBNO’s, probably at the end of September.

Sessions will continue to be held until the location is not available.

The tentative schedule is listed below. This may change however, any updates will posted to the calendar located at http://www.dprg.org/calendar.html

  • 1st and 3rd Dallas Makerspace.
  • 2nd at Probotics
  • 4th at the Generator.
  • 5th at Xmax or the Dallas Makerspace.
  • Tuesday 8/31/10 will be at the Dallas Makerspace.


  • Dallas Museum of Art: Steve Rainwater attended the Dallas Museum of Art at Nasher and Symphony Hall. They wish to have someone speak on Friday nights about robotics and about the Dallas Makerspace. They are open from 9PM to Midnight. Assigned to: Steve Rainwater at webmaster@dprg.org
  • FenCon: is coming Aug 27th Paul will put out a request to the DPRG List to see if anyone wants to participate this year and organize a group to attend the conference.
  • Lego First League: at Hockaday school on January 29th Volunteers are needed to assist with introducing children to robotics. We will have a table to demo and talk with parents and teachers alike. Volunteers are also needed to assemble kits and assist with running the event. Assigned to: Eric Chaney at secretary@dprg.org for further information.
  • RoboRama 2010b will be held November 13th at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science at Fair Park. There will be three indoor events and one outdoor event. The events are line following, 4 square, table top and outdoor Columbus navigation challenge. Assigned To: Paul Bouchier, president@dprg.org
  • American Physical Society meeting in Spring 2011: Steve Rainwater is coordinating & has directed the organizer to multiple local speakers.

Other Club Business:

  • Steve Rainwater has finished updating financial records up to 2009.
  • Standing Rules and By Laws changes are being addressed and changes that require voting will be presented when available. Steve Rainwater offered to head up defining the by-law changes.

Paul Bouchier
acting DPRG President

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