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28 September 2010 Business Meeting Minutes

Location: The Generator, 107 N. 6th Street, Garland, TX, 75040

The following DPRG officers were in attendance:

  • Paul Bouchier, acting President
  • Eric Chaney, Secretary
  • Glenn Pipe, Librarian


  • DPRG: Dallas Personal Robotics Group
  • DMS: Dallas Makerspace
  • RBNO: Robot Builders Night Out, weekly meeting of the DPRG

DPRG Business

The DPRG is taking a field trip to Vex Robotics. The tentative date is October 16th at 10:AM. We will meet up at the facility at this time. An email will be sent out to the DPRG mailing list and put on the calendar when we have confirmation on the time and meet up location.

Innovation First International, Inc.
1519 Interstate 30 West
Greenville, TX 75402

Paul Bouchier has created a letter to Vex robotics requesting a Grant. The letter is focused on us creating a continued partnership and to encourage usage and development of Vex Robotics’ technology.

Dallas Makerspace Update

In preparation for the launch of Dallas Makerspace as an autonomous group, a separate bank account has been created.

Steve Rainwater has transferred all DPRG accounting info from the group's incorporation in 2004 through Feb 2010 into Quickbooks on the DPRG accounting laptop computer. The DPRG treasurers, Doug Emes, will complete the transfer of data from March 2010 up to the present date, allowing for faster and more accurate management of the group's funds.


  • RoboRama 2010b
    On November 13th the DPRG will host Roborama 2010b, this is our semi annual robotics competition. The contest will be held at
    Museum of Nature & Science
    3535 Grand Avenue and 1318 S. 2nd Avenue in Fair Park, Dallas, TX
    The event starts at 12 PM and will consist of 4 contests.

Eric Chaney
DPRG Secretary

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