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24 February 2011 Business Meeting Minutes

Location: Dallas Makerspace, 11020 Audelia Road, Suite C103, Dallas, TX 75243

The following DPRG officers and committee members were in attendance:

  • Paul Bouchier, President
  • Jason Henriksen, Vice president
  • Eric Chaney, Secretary
  • Doug Emes, Treasurer
  • Glenn Pipe, Librarian
  • Peter Smith, Makerspace steering committee chair
  • Steve Rainwater, Makerspace steering committee
  • Alan Hatchet, Dallas Makerspace TEDxSMU project manager

Dallas Makerspace Business

The Dallas Makerspace presented a Virtual Canvas interactive exhibit at the TEDxSMU on October 15th, 2010. The Communities Foundation of Texas reimbursed the cost for the exhibit.

Additional information is available here:

Objective: To close out the TEDxSMU project and finalize any outstanding financial obligations.

Scope of Discussion: To limit the discussion to matters that is the authority and control of the DPRG. This includes proper accountability, liability, intellectual property (IP) and contracts. Issues that are out of scope would include anything that was at the project level. These issues are handled at the discretion of the project manager Alan Hatchet.

Project Manager: Alan Hatchet is the project manager and was given control over the administration and build of the Virtual Canvas project for TEDxSMU. Alan was approved as the project manager by a previous vote from the DPRG and the Dallas Makerspace steering committee.

Motion: A motion was passed to reaffirm that Alan Hatchet has the authority to distribute funds in the manner in which he sees fit as project manager. The DPRG will not dictate the terms of the distribution of the remaining funds. This motion was passed with 3 approved and 1 against.

Project Invoices and Expenses: Two Invoices were submitted for repayment on August 22,2010 for the amount of $2316.00 and on September 22, 2010 the amount of $1508.00, for a total of $3824.00. $2500.00 of these invoices were allocated for the cost of software programming. Our actual costs were 2413.27 cents for supplies. The remaining balance of 1310.73 is to be spent to cover programming expenses and will be distributes to the programmers that worked on the project by the project manager.

Motion: A motion was passed that the Project Manager should have the responsibility for spending the remaining funds received from ‘The Communities Foundation of Texas’ or TEDxSMU, and to direct the treasurer to disperse those funds. 3 approved the measure, 1 opposed.

The DPRG did not receive a written contract from ‘The Communities Foundation of Texas’ or TEDxSMU. The DPRG has signed and deposited the financial reimbursements. These reimbursements affirmed our verbal agreements. All agreements have been fulfilled. The DPRG and the Dallas Makerspace do not have any further obligations or further link between the ‘The Communities Foundation of Texas’ and TEDxSMU.

Motion: A motion was passed to affirm that the DPRG is not under contract from ‘The Communities Foundation of Texas’ or TEDxSMU. This motion was passed unanimously.

The DPRG and the Dallas Makerspace has received a $1500.00 honorarium for the completion of the TEDxSMU installation. The project manager will have input to how this money is spent. The DPRG officers and Dallas Makerspace steering committee will have to approve spending of these funds.

Motion: A motion was passed to instruct the treasurer to disperse honorarium funds based on the final decision from the Dallas Makerspace steering committee. Motion passes unanimously.

Intellectual Property: As part of our involvement with the TEDxSMU installation the DPRG and Dallas Makerspace has written software that has been made publicly available. The software was released under the GPL.

There is additional discussion that will be resolved by the project manager as to which attribution and license the program code will release or remain under. Any contested coding will be removed from the code repository and license changes made as required.

Motion: A motion passes that we post the code that was have the Intellectual Property rights to and then have the code that is contested be removed. In addition, any code that is contested will be removed on a file basis and not line by line.

Dallas Personal Robotics Club Business

Mailing Lists: The DPRG will be setting up a new mailing list that will be open to the public. The details of the mailing list will be for official communications and add a level of transparency to the clubs internal activities. Details will be released at a later time when the software has been configured.

Website: The DPRG web site is going to have an overhaul. This will be similar to the Dallas Makerspace blog style and allow the DPRG to better communicate the activities and events available. In addition we need to setup our calendar software to automatically update all Facebook and Twitter feeds.

We also would like to have a new design for the website and logo made. This logo will be included on all brochures and clothing made for the DPRG.

Dues: The yearly fee to join the Dallas Personal Robotics Group has been raised from $20.00 to $40.00 dollars a year, per a unanimous vote by the DPRG board of directors. This fee will be a revolving fee that will renew after one (1) year. All current members will not have to renew their membership until their current membership expires.

We will be making a concerted attempt to contact previous members that have let their membership expire and verify the contact information we have on file is current. As well as keep in our database all previous members.

Upcoming Events

National Robotics Week is April 11th to 18th. The DPRG will hold an event; the details have not yet been determined. Doug Emes will handle the promotion for the event.

Roborama2011a: our first robotics competition of the year will be held the second Saturday on May 14th 2011. The contest will be held at 12:00 Noon at the Dallas Museum of Art. 1717 North Harwood Street, Dallas, TX 75201 (214) 922-1200.

There is some discussion on how we are going to run this year’s event. Including running the events back to back for each round. This would entail running the first round of one event and then starting the next event between the rounds. Additional judges will be needed to assist with the different events.

Awards and prizes to the participants have yet to be determined.

The events for the competition have not yet been determined. Some of the previous events will return such as line following, four square, and tabletop. Some additional ideas for events include outdoor / indoor navigation, sumo wrestling, beacon navigation and obstacle avoidance.

If you wish to participate in Roborama you will either need to be a current member of the DPRG or pay a 10-dollar entry fee. All funds raised will go to support the DPRG.

Eric Cheney
DPRG secretary

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