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29 April 2011 Business Meeting Minutes

Location: Dallas Makerspace, 11020 Audelia Road, Suite C103, Dallas, TX 75243

The following DPRG officers and committee members were in attendance:

  • Paul Bouchier, President
  • Eric Chaney, Secretary
  • Doug Emes, Treasurer (via teleconference)
  • Glenn Pipe, Librarian
  • Steve Rainwater, Makerspace steering committee

Equipment donations

The Dallas Personal Robotics Group has received two CNC machines donated by Jose Quinones. The equipment is to be donated for use by the Dallas Makerspace and they will be responsible for the installation and upkeep of the equipment.

There are currently two paths we could follow to get the metal CNC up and running. We can purchase the proprietary interface card from the vendor and use their software or swap out the controllers and the motors. This is currently under discussion.


The calendar for the clubs events is currently being assembled and will be posted when available. Steve Rainwater is putting the list together.


The DPRG's website is currently being redesigned and we will have a new logo and new blog style layout.

Spending Limit

The bylaws currently limit how much the club can spend on non-recurring expenses. The established amount was seventy-five dollars $.75.00. The DPRG will have a vote to increase this amount to two hundred dollars 200.00 dollars

As authorized by the recent bylaws changes, there will be an electronic vote on the matter, this proposed motion below will be discussed at the next DPRG monthly meeting on April 9, and then a motion to be voted on will be sent out after the meeting.

Proposed motion

The Board of Directors may authorize payment for non-recurring expenses or purchases up to $200 without vote by the members, as allowed by DPRG bylaws section 9.3.

The board unanimously approved this for a vote.

Dallas Makerspace Updates

The board is requesting to have monthly updates from the Dallas Makerspace Steering Committee.

Upcoming events

  • 04-09-2011: DPRG Saturday Meeting

    Doug Paradis will present "How to use KiCAD, an open source schematic capture and PCB layout program".

    This is the third part of the series "How to build stuff that involves FW, electronics, and mechanics" using cheap or free tools & techniques. The meeting is open to all.

  • 06-14-2011 Roborama 2011a

    The rules for Roborama 2011a, which takes place Saturday May 14, at a TBD location, have been posted here: http://tinyurl.com/Roborama2011a

Eric Cheney
DPRG secretary

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