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28 June 2011 Business Meeting Minutes

The following DPRG officers and committee members were in attendance:

  • Paul Bouchier, President
  • Jason Henriksen, Vice-President
  • Eric Chaney, Secretary
  • Doug Emes, Treasurer
  • Glenn Pipe, Librarian

Issue: Dissolution of the Dallas Makerspace Steering Committee.

Discussion: The DMS has formed its own Board of Directors; this has made the steering committee obsolete.

Conclusion: Once the DMS has received its Non-Profit status, the DPRG will disband the Steering committee. In addition; The DPRG will also dissolve the DMS project and the DMS will officially be launched as an independent project. The current Hackerspace policy is unclear on this issue and will need to be revised. In addition the committee is not to be dissolved until all financial issues are resolved.

Until the DMS has its own non-profit, the DMS Board of directors can’t issue receipts from donated items. The receipts can only be issued through the DPRG or the Steering Committee. The DPRG BOD has recognized Doug Emes and Peter Smith as the only people allowed to issue receipts.

Issues: Communication between the DPRG and DMS Boards

Discussion: The DMS BOD has failed to communicate meeting times and issues that affect the DPRG as an entity within the Dallas Makerspace. With the election of a DMS BOD, there is little interaction between the steering committee and the DMS Board of Directors (BOD). Glenn Pipe is currently a member on both the DPRG and DMS Boards.

Conclusion: The DMS and the DPRG need to build strong communication channels and establish reasonable consideration when planning DMS events and issues. The DPRG will appoint a liaison to facilitate face to face communications between the DPRG and the DMS Boards. Doug Paradis has agreed to attend the DMS board Meetings. The DMS Board is encouraged to send its own representative to attend the DPRG BOD meetings. Peter Smith is the current liaison to the DPRG as recognized by the DPRG BOD.

The DPRG requests that they be informed of DMS BOD Meetings in a timely manner. And request that we have more formal updates and are kept informed of issues that affect the space and the DPRG.


A motion was passed to transfer $6000.00 from the DPRG to the DMS. This amount is approved prior to the final distribution of shared funds within the DPRG’s account. The motion was unanimously approved.

A motion was passed to allow Peter Smith to have the authority to issue tax deductible receipts for the DMS and DPRG. The motion was unanimously approved.

A motion was passed to allow Glenn Pipe to spend 200 dollars on the DPRG’s summer BBQ. The event was held the second week in July. The motion was unanimously approved.

A motion was passes to allow all minors of a family to qualify for membership with a 1 (one) paid membership. These minors will be considered as honorary members. The motion was unanimously approved.

DPRG Issues:

The TEDxSMU project has received all of its money and distributed the funds to the interested parties. The DPRG has allocated 1500 for the purchase of equipment. These funds will be allocated by the event organizer, Alan Hatch.

The server hosting the DPRG website experienced a crash; this has delayed the redesign of the website. We need to follow up with a new design, similar to the DMS blog style entries. As well as being able to track members’ dues and follow up with members that let their membership dues expire.

Our current contract with Vex Robotics is set to expire in January. We will need to contact Vex for a new sponsorship.


Software Freedom Day is coming soon, Saturday, September 17th, The DMS and DPRG will be holding an event on this day.

RoboRama 2011b will be held the second week of November. (11-12-2001). The Event will be held at the museum of Nature and Science in Fair Park. The event will include line following, four square and RoboColumbus. There may be additional contests added for the event.

Eric Cheney
DPRG secretary

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