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26 July 2011 Business Meeting Minutes

The following DPRG officers and committee members were in attendance:

  • Paul Bouchier, President
  • Jason Henriksen, Vice-President
  • Eric Chaney, Secretary
  • Doug Emes, Treasurer
  • Glenn Pipe, Librarian

Issue: Representation within the Dallas Makerspace and Issues to support the DPRG’s interests in Dallas Makerspace.

Discussion: The DPRG has had limited input and control over the activities and organization of the DMS. The DPRG has not been given the due consideration to its interests. The DPRG has not been as involved as DPRG Board of directors would like.

The DPRG constitutes 10 percent of the DMS membership and 27 percent of the monthly dues, due to the monthly rent paid for use of the space for RBNO’s and Saturday meetings.

Many new members of the DMS have not been introduced to the DPRG as an organization and are unfamiliar as to our activities.

Conclusion: The DPRG will have a stronger presence in the DMS by working with the DMS BOD. The DMS BOD will make a strong effort to include the DPRG in all the Dallas Makerspace events and to inform members about our involvement in the space and events we have to offer.

Issues: Lack of a physical presence within the DMS

Discussion: The DPRG is the only group that is paying an additional fee for access to the space. We do not have a room allocated for our use. The DPRG would like more input into the use of the space and recognition within the space.

Conclusion: The DPRG will sponsor and maintain the electronics room. This will include organization of the components and all equipment in this room. We will also have a bulletin board and calendar posted in the hallway of current and upcoming events.

DPRG Issues:

There are still several DMS memberships that are being paid through the DPRG’s PayPal account. We need to get a final cutoff date and get these accounts transferred to the DMS. The final date will be August 21st. Members will be contacted and put on the wall of shame if they do not transfer there accounts.

The DPRG website still needs to be revisited and a blog added. Steve is waiting for the board to approve logo/graphic designs.


The DPRG passed a motion to allow Doug Emes to buy $25 dollars’ worth of Train passes for use by our members at the RBNO’s and Saturday meetings. This is a trail purchase to see if it encourages participation within the group. This motion was unanimously approved. The amount was latter changes to $75 via E-mail discussion and approved by the board.

DMS Issues:

The DPRG needs a new contract with the DMS for the use of space.

The DMS has started a microcontroller group that holds meetings on Wednesdays. The DPRG Board would like to open up a communication channel between the groups to see how we can assist each other with common interests.

Cali Louis of Geek Beat TV has approached the Dallas Makerspace about building a robot for use in her business. The DPRG BOD would like to assist in this project. The project involves a human sized greater robot and possibly a secondary lobster shaped robot for her company, Lividlobster.com.

As a paying entity within the DMS the DPRG has rights to first refusal when there are conflicting events and projects that are brought up within the space. This includes events related to robotics.

The components in the DMS electronics/robotics room are a shared resource for both the DPRG and the DMS, they are not to be sold or divided up without the explicit agreement of the DPRG BOD. The components cannot be sold with explicit agreement of the DPRG BOD. The components are to be used at no cost for member’s projects. Members are not allowed to horde components or take large amounts of components for use.

Any equipment that is owned by the DPRG must be kept in a locked room. This includes tables and chairs as well as any equipment.


Software Freedom Day is coming soon, Saturday, September 17th, The DMS and DPRG will be holding an event on this day.

RoboRama 2011b will be held the second week of November. (11-12-2001). The Event will be held at the museum of Nature and Science in Fair Park. The event will include line following, four square and RoboColumbus. There may be additional contests added for the event.

Eric Cheney
DPRG secretary

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