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DPRG Meeting Information

The DPRG holds a variety of formal and informal meetings. Almost all are open to the general public. Some types of participation such as voting or entering competitions is limited to DPRG members. Coming to any of these meetings is a great way to find out more about the DPRG and vistors are always welcome. If you decide to join the DPRG, it's easy to do.

Regular Monthly Meeting

Regular meeting

The DPRG monthly meetings are usually on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Monthly meetings normally include some type of presentation by one or more speakers, a show and tell session (bring your robot, working or not!), and general announcements and group business. Check the DPRG calendar for up to date information on the next meeting location. Monthly meetings start at 12:00 noon and go until 2:00 PM (sometimes 3:00 PM). The DPRG secretary keeps monthly meeting minutes. If you miss a meeting, they're a good way to catch up on things!

Robot Builder's Night Out (RBNO)


The RBNO -- Robot Builder's Night Out -- is an informal get-together of robot enthusiasts for a hands-on, actually building robots, type of meeting. You don't have to be a DPRG member to attend. The RBNO's are open to the public. There may be power tools in use, however, so small children should not attend except under close adult supervision.

RBNOs are usually held Dallas Makerspace and sometimes at other locations. Check the calendar for up to date info including time, location, and maps to the next RBNO. To get an idea of what goes on at an RBNO, check out our RBNO photo gallery

Robot Power Lunch (RPL)

A few of us Robot folks used to meet for lunch every once-in-awhile. Of course the main topic of discussion was Robots. A few more started coming, and then a few more, and pretty soon we had a VERY popular lunch meeting of Robot Enthusiasts who just can't seem to get enough. And so it became the Robotics Power Lunch. For a while the RPL was held every Thursday at Collin Creek Mall in Plano but due to the diverse locations of DPRG members, the location now varies depending on who wants to host an RPL. Check the DPRG mailing list to see when and where the next one will be. If you don't see anyone talking about one, feel free to suggest one in your area.


Robot Power Lunch

DPRG Robot Competitions

After all those meetings to talk about robots and build robots, we have to actually do something with them, don't we? That's what the DPRG Robot Competitions are all about. The DPRG holds a variety of competitions and contests throughout the year including our big semi-annual RoboRamas, smaller Robot Sumo contests, Table-top robot contest, a Robot Talent Show, and an annual regional for the Trinity College Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest. Most DPRG competitions are held at The Museum of Nature & Science in Fair Park.



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