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December 1999 Minutes

DPRG December 3, 1999 Meeting Minutes

1. We met at the Bill Priest Institute (BPI)

2. About 25 people attended - 9 visitors and 4 robots

3. The 1999 Officers were re-elected

Clay TimmonsPresident
Eric YundtVP
Barry JordanTreasurer
Robert JordanSecretary

4. We decided to work to host the Regional Fire fighting competition. Is scheduled to be March 11, 1999. The location will be determined.

(BJ help Determine if BPI, Science Place, Richland, other Regional Fire fighting competition )

5. Committee formed to organize the Regional Fire fighting contest.

  • Barry Jordan - To supervise construction of the contest arena and acquire materials. January RBNO likely to be construction time. 3rd Tuesday of January
  • Kip Morvac - To contact HQ and see if we can formalize Regional contest so we can obtain the money for first place winner for travel to national contest.
  • Ed Koffman - To determine the arena specifications from published info and help with the construction to standards.
  • Eric Yundt - To help with publicity. To contact other clubs with info, and to try to get info published in several robot related magazines.
  • Ralph Tenny - Volunteered to assist in several areas as well.

Funds up to $500.00 max approved to construct a first class contest arena.

6. Roborama 1 2000 moved to regular April meeting so all efforts could be applied to host a high quality Regional Fire fighting competition.

7. A reminder was given by Barry that information on items that the club still has available for sale be gathered and posted on the list.

8. Science Place is reserved for use by the DPRG for the months of Jan - May and Aug - Dec for the year 2000. June and July were not available.

9. Dues for 2000 are payable now and will be due at the January 8 meeting. See Barry Jordan, Treasurer to pay you dues.

10. We approved meeting at the Science Place each month for robotic workshops. Times are Saturday 9:00 to 11:00 on the morning before the regularly scheduled DPRG meeting

Two activities will be going on independently in different ends of the large room.

A. Robert Jordan will be organizing sessions on a different robot subsystem each month.

The goal is to help you build a robot soon! Topics will be announced in advance, simple instructions, assistance in locating good cheap parts, and hands on time with some help will be provided. See schedule below.

B. Anyone wishing to attend and improve, debug, or assist other in the same will be able to meet in the Free-form workshop near the back of the room.

11. Treasure Reports $1307.07 plus funds due from the 2000 dues due January.

12. Ralph showed his Multi tap 12 volt battery that yields, 6, 12, or 9 Vdc or 4.5v + & - DC.

13. Mohammed and company (DDI I think) announced a Uni-polor Stepper motor and a dual 2 amp motor controller, each opti-coupler isolated from the MPU. The passed around samples and promised to treat us right on prices. They promised to post info on Web site soon.

14. We have several new members joining us recently. Watch for the new faces and welcome them by offering your help and advice.

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG Secretary '99

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November 1999 Minutes

Date: 06 November 1999
Location: Bill Priest Institute
Number of robots: 6
Number of people: 30

Clay opened the meeting (I was late) and took care of business

A meeting Nov. 20th at The Science Place was announced We plan on trying to meet more often, perhaps twice a month One meeting for business and one meeting for workshops and projects

We had InnovationFirst from Greenville, TX. give a presentation on their almost indestructable HBridge, Victor 833. They had 4 high torque drill motors on a test be to try and smoke their product. After 30 hours it still runs great. Their product has survived thousands of FIRST kids using it so it is well proven

Club buy

We have a club buy going with InnovationFirst. Look on their website later next week and you will find a part number DPRG ### (something) that will be our special price of $105.00. Retail is $149.00 and rising with success.

Tony has graciously *donated* two HBridges to the club and we agreed to list him on our website as a vendor "friend". Thanks Tony!

Show and Tell

Clay found a control motor for his Z axis for his X,Y,Z table. The guy had 22 old TI robot arms clay is going to try and get for the club. They are 5 axis and one will make a nice demo. Perhaps we can get these and use them for a continual display at The Science Place! Thanks and good luck getting them Clay. Holler if we can help!

Kaylee Jordan showed off her Parallax, Inc. BoE-Bot kit. She just started a week ago and has it moving. I (Dad) sell them and don't much better yet! (www.robotfun.com or parallaxinc.com)

Dan Minor showed us his Dogbert Linxmotion 4 legged he modified. Also, he had an Arrick Trilobot chassis with lots of mods, sonar, special controller, etc. It ran in circles looking for walls, but proves to be a formable advesary soon.

Two young people competing in BEST and winning a shot at the State competition demoed their R/C robot It was designed and build in 6 weeks to bick upto 6 tennis balls at once and deliver them into a "space ship" model on the launch platform. The wheels had spikes belts and four wheel drive and could crawl over 4 inch PVC pipe! Good luck in the competition at A&M!

Lots of new people visiting. Welcome All! Let us know if we can help. And remember the club motto, "It's harder than it looks"!

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG Secretary '99

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October 1999 Minutes

Recap of Saturday Oct 2nd DPRG meeting.
About 25 people and 4 robots attended.

Science Place - volunteers still needed, it's easy and it's fun! Call Meridith Willingham 214-428-5555 x342 to sign up. Tell her you're with DPRG

Trininty Firefighting Contest - Next year DPRG should host the regional qualifer for the national firefighting contest. All rules are already done and Dan Miner has a maze built.

Inter-club National Contest - DPRG and other robot clubs have expressed interest in having a contest between clubs.

Contest Preparations - Ed Koffeman has updated the rules. Logistic details for the contest are still being worked out. Note that our contest is the week after the state fair.

Trial Runs

Ed Koffeman has an update version of Biclops complete with an and arm to pick up cans. Biclops uses two cameras to navigate. The arm worked well using a remote control.

Dennis ??? tested his bot named Rover. It was able to do both line following and wall following without any problems using infared sensors.

Dan Miner showed off a new 4 legged walker from Lynxmotion. Dan also had an example of a powerfull robot controller board he has been working on for the past 8 months. Dan mentioned another "secret" robot he is working on designed to collect cans.

Clay Timmons had an updated version of Eye-Robot including a can gripper. It uses a laptop computer and a Connectix QuickCam for navigation.

Clay Timmons

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September 1999 Minutes

If you have a copy of this months minutes please email to webmaster@dprg.org. Thanks!

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August 1999 Minutes

Great meeting! Lots of news and show and tell. 5 Robots, 20 people.

Treasury Report
We have enough funds to buy a locker to keep club stuff at BPI.

Everyone wants to have new T-shirts in time for Pepsi Kid Around and the Sept Contest. Jim Brown's design #3 was the most popular and Jim will fix it up and bring to the next RPL.

Monogrammed Shirts
Many members also were interested in nicer shirts with a monogrammed DPRG logo. The plan here is to give the artwork to a shop at Collin Creek mall then anyone who wants can bring thier own shirt to the shop and have it monogrammed for a fee.

Biz Cards/Brochures/Trading Cards
At the upcoming events we will need to have stuff to hand out to people who want to know more about our club.

Family Place / Pepsi Kid Around
Kim Wright from Family Place explaing what Family Place is and how Pepsi Kid Around came to be. This is a perfect example of DPRG helping the community!

Contest Plans
Date - Sept 11 since Kid Around is on the 4th weekend
Room - TBD, have to ok with BPI, some risk that they will let us hold a contest there :(
Judges - Robert Posey, Bill James, Jim Heath
Assistant - Ralph Tenny
MC / sound system - Kip Moravec
Course Setup - Ed Koeffman
Forms/Certificates - Clay Timmons
Timekeepers - TDB
Video - Ed Rivers (need to confirm)

Show And Tell

Rad robot
Lxynmotion robot and arm
Omnibot / Armatron arm
Probotics - Tricyle robot way cool!
Beerbot with completed arm and Quickcam

Clay Timmons

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July 1999 Minutes

If you have a copy of this months minutes please email to webmaster@dprg.org. Thanks!

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June 1999 Minutes

If you have a copy of this months minutes please email to webmaster@dprg.org. Thanks!

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May 1999 Minutes

If you have a copy of this months minutes please email to webmaster@dprg.org. Thanks!

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April 1999 Minutes

Meeting Date: 10 April 1999

Master of Ceremonies: Clay Timmons

Our regular meeting agenda was preempted to address an issue about retaining our meeting place at the Bill Priest Institute (BPI).

Special Presentation
Liability and Safety Presentation by Alan Sosbe:

Alan Sosbe helps us serve the BPI as an advisory committee as part of our meeting agenda.

Alan in not employed by the BPI but works for the Workplace Skills Development Center (WPSD) and is a "virtual" employee and consultant to the Bill Priest Institute (BPI). WPSD teaches technology, BPI does not and could benefit from understanding how our advice in technology will serve the Institute.

Alan had two topics for us.

Topic 1.

BPI instructed us that due to recent negative events in community college district the club meetings will have to re looked at in regards to safety and liability. Our options apparently are:

A. Discontinue meeting at the BPI
B. Provide $10,000 liability insurance for ourselves
C. Continue to perform as an advisory committee to the Bill Priest Institute.

George from the BPI also spoke to clarified that school district is addressing this with all groups on all campuses due to recent events at the Mountain View campus.

Suggested sample deliverables, as an advisory committee to the BPI, were brainstormed:

How to make circuit boards
How to program a computer
Servo tutorial
Stepper tutorial
CNC video
Co identified projects
Simple training plans on how to build a robot

Alan suggested we set goals to support our success in our roll as an advisory committee to the BPI.

Motion made that we form an advisory committee with in the DPRG so that we can continue meet and to serve the BPI as an advisory committee. Apparently this was not clear to all involved that we were already doing so clarification was required resulting in this motion. The motion passed.

Some related discussion followed:

a. We discussed meeting and providing some action and results to Alan and the club.
b. We also discussed having the first part of the meeting a formal advisory session.
c. Hopefully we have a representative of the BPI attend each meeting

Topic 2.

DPRG members were requested to park in the parking garage on the East side of the BPI building to assist the BPI with its safety and liability issues. Our members agreed to comply.


a. The gate is located on the East side of the building jst behind the East front gate.
b. Drive to the locked gate and press the white button
c. Await the guard to respond and let you in.
d. Identify yourself as attending the Advisory Robotic meeting. This will help the guard identify you and your purpose at the BPI facility.
e. The guard should let you in. (Eric may have to have an escortJ) (Be patient as the guard may be slow in responding)
f. Thanks for your cooperation

Club Events

Lunch Meetings:

1. Pocket Sandwich shop by Tanners 12:30 -1:30
Every Friday before the monthly DPRG meeting
Contact is Robert Allen.

2. Collin Creek Mall 11:45 - 12:45
Every Thursday lunch. We meet at a large round table on the West side of the Food Court which is in the middle of the mall.


Meets the third Tuesday of each month at Barry Jordan's home shop in Rockwall. Long drive but great equipment and company!

Visitor Presentation

Barry Ward President of the Atlanta Hobby Robot Club. Barry suggested we consider having an activity that precipitates more activity via common contest goals for several robot clubs. This would let us compete against other clubs and of course win without having to be there. Also, proxy competition could exist as the rules and competition environment would be similar. Sorta a virtual National contest. Comments varied. I thought it a great idea! Atlanta has a robot talent contest and a vacuum cleaner robot contest.

Motion and Seconds

1. Children could be members on a yearly basis for a fixed amount.

2. The motion above was tabled so there could be further discussion.

Note was made that any robot must be entered by a DPRG member, including proxy robots.

Presentation: Barry Jordanv- CNC XYZ mini mill

Barry brought his CNC XYZ mini mill, based on a Sherline mill, and gave a short presentation and demo of drilling a PCB. The Eagle Lite software CNC file was "converted" to work with the DanCAD/DanCAM shareware software.

Barry gave a good into. and overview as well as pointing out some of the great features of the software. He showed that it had a DRO or Digital Readout feature. The Metal club had just mentioned that at $550 the DRO was a good price. How about included in freeware. The Price is Right!

The software will test stepper motors for frictional resistance testing which is stepper speed vs skipping force, which is when the stepper looses track of where the software is commanding it to be.


Several people brought robotic items to show. Some I remember are listed. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Bill James: reported on his Beerbot TBA claw

Robert Allan showed his Nitenol Stikedo 6 legged crawler. He plans to put a pic and hearing aid batteries on it and call it "A PIC on a Stick".

Lionel showed his Linxmotion robot, called KT1 for kitchen table one, with BS1 and IR sensor with subsiminial programming. Quit an accomplishment in a 256 byte BS1!

Kip Morovac reported tentative access to a machine to laser cut plastic. He suggest a future RBNO and stated that the laser cutting could cut up to 16in by 32in, 1/4 inch thick plastic at cutting speeds of 3 inch a second, and on white plastic cut at an inch a second. He plans on updating us on the DPRGlist.

There were no accidents, causalities - man or 'bot- and no liability claims made to date. By the way the DPRG has a safety record second to none. Let's keep it that way. No spilling of blood or battery juice, OK?

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG 1999 Secretary

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March 1999 Minutes

If you have a copy of this months minutes please email to webmaster@dprg.org. Thanks!

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February 1999 Minutes

If you have a copy of this months minutes please email to webmaster@dprg.org. Thanks!

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January 1999 Minutes

Saturday January 9, 1999.

Number attending: 17
Number of visitors: 2
Number of robots 8

The first weekend in January was a Holiday so we met the second weekend. Several people had an informal meeting the first weekend when they found the building closed. They apparently had a good time and visited Tanner's electronics.

Clay Timmons lead the meeting.


New officers introduced. Each won their office by a unanimous vote, in the December election, as there was only one canidate for each office. (Scary!)


Dues discussion summarized and by-laws discussed

We passed a clarificatin of the DPRG by-laws.

Dues are $20, paid annually with adjustments pro-rated quarterly for new members

$20 in Jan
$15 in April
$10 in July
$ 5 in Oct

Bank account requirements and 501 c. requirements were discussed.

The contest committee, ED K. , Brad, and another un-named but elected member, will be incharge of all contest. Options available if you want to help with some of the load.

The number of robots attending the meeting was 8.
- - Ed Koffman had his fire fighter robot
- - Zack's son had a neat MindStorm based table top robot
- - David had a robot to show ( Sorry I missed the details)
- - James Vroman brought 4 robots, two previous line followeres, a new smaller one, and a 6 legged PCB constructed walker
- - Bob Jordan showed the hardware for his pancaked version of James Vroman's line follower
- - Jim Brown was working on the Trilobot to build a multi-tasking system that would work more than 20 seconds.
- -Also I think Ed Koffman had enough parts in his hands and pockets after the meeting to build another servo based robot.


Clay lead the meeting. He had a very well prepared and thought out presentation and did a great job. Looks like he is going to take us into the year 2000 with many more contest, members, robots, and lots more fun. Let's all support the club for the best year yet!

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG 1999 Secretary

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