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How to Support the DPRG

The DPRG is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit and almost any type of donation you'd like to make would be helpful and tax-deductible. Listed below are a few specific ways you can help us.

Donate a Building!

The DPRG currently shares space with Dallas Makerspace but we'd love to have our own permanent home. If you have any sort of building or land in the Dallas County area that you'd like to donate to a charity, please contact president@dprg.org for further information so we can determine if it's a good fit for our needs.

Donate Equipment

The DPRG is always trying to improve the tools we make available to our members and to our Dallas Maker Space members. If you'd like to donate any of the items on the following wishlist, please email president@dprg.org for information on how to make the donation.

  • Welding equipment (arc, MIG, TIG, or gas)
  • Metal and wood working equipement (mills, lathes, etc)
  • SMT hot air rework station
  • Oscilliscopes or other test equipment
  • Bench power supplies
  • vacuforming equipment
  • CNC plasma or laser cutter
  • 3D printer
  • Electronic components and electromechanical surplus
  • New web server, 1U rack-mount, Dual core or better, 4 MB RAM or better, RAID 1 mirrored drives, must support CentOS Enterprise GNU/Linux

    Donate Money

    NOTE: the following are for donations only, so if you want to become a member try the join the DPRG page!

    DPRG General Fund donation

    Donate an amount of your choice for the general use of the DPRG. Your donation will be used to further various DPRG projects, to pay for acquisition of new equipment, and pay for operational expenses.

    Noise Boundary donation

    Donate an amount of your choice designated for use by the DPRG's music ensemble, Noise Boundary. Your donation will go toward building new instruments and putting on music performances.

    Dallas Makerspace donation

    Donate an amount of your choice designated for use by the DPRG's Dallas Makerspace, a shared community workshop where local artists, engineers, makers, and creators collaborate on projects. Your donation will go toward offsetting the expenses of tools, equipment, and monthly operational costs.

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