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DPRG: sonars & 8031 boards dreaming

Subject: DPRG: sonars & 8031 boards dreaming
From: Eric B. Olsen robojoc at worldnet.att.net
Date: Wed Jul 2 00:29:52 CDT 1997

Jim Brown wrote:
> > Looks like finally this week-end I'll have time to get my sonar
> > working.  The excitement builds!
> Major cool.  So far, I'm just gawking at it while it sits
> on my desk (you can just image me doing that, right?).
> On a connected topic, I keep thinking about having some more 8031
> boards made.  I'd like to add one or two sonar sockets to
> the next version.  So far, my zealous wants are to have the
> following stuff:
>         8031 or 8032 (40pin CPU),
>         74ls373 (address latch),
>         74ls138 (address decode),
>         2764 or 27128 or 27256 (eprom),
>         6164 etc. (ram),
>         8255 (24 bits i/o),
>         7805 votage regulator
>         one or two sonar sockets,
>         one or two lmd18200 (6amp h-bridges),
>         8 servo headers (3pin),
>         ?8? A/D lines,
>         lm386 (speaker amplifier),
>         max232 (serial),
>         and maybe a small proto area.
> After looking at all that, I think, wow that's a lot!
> Maybe I'll just go back to my original design of just
> an 8031, 373, 2764 & 7805!  And, maybe make some stand
> alone boards with some of the other stuff (break off boards?).
> Gee, one of these days I'll make my boards again, when
> I can figure out what I want.

Sounds like a great project.  However, perhaps I can suggest an upgrade
to the older 8032 technology, that is, the Dallas 80C320 "speed it"
micro.  (You guys live in Dallas, so I think it's quite appropriate!)

The Dallas 80C320 micro is a pin for pin replacement for the 80C32. 
It's also completely code compatible to the 80C32, and includes all of
it's existing internals.  This processor packs a lot of power, and
you'll need it for the types of peripherals (like sonar) that you
desire.  The following features are contained on the part:

A)   Two serial ports (instead of only one)
B)   Six external interrupts (instead of two)
C)   An internal watchdog timer (new)
D)   Two data pointers (instead of one, for all of you assembly     
E)   Programmable wait states for MOVX instructions
F)   Power fail reset and interrupt feature

Also, the part runs about three times faster than the 80C32 at the same
clock speed.  Even so, the part will run up to 25 Mhz!  At this speed,
the part will outperform the older 80C32 by 6 times!

I used this part on my "GeneSys-1" platform; I sent a picture to this
list a couple of days ago.  I love the part, and for those of you who
are 80C32 fans, this part is for you!

You can get the part from distributors of "Dallas Semiconductor", of
Dallas, Texas, of course!

Eric B. Olsen
Las Vegas, NV


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