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DPRG: sonars & 8031 boards dreaming

Subject: DPRG: sonars & 8031 boards dreaming
From: Kevin Ross kevinro at nwlink.com
Date: Wed Jul 2 23:17:58 CDT 1997

Having read this mail, I guess I gotta ask. Have you checked out the 68HC12
series from Motorola? The 68HC812A4 is a 112 pin package that has 4k of
EEPROM and 1k of RAM. It also has 96 I/O pins including 8 A/D channels, 8
timer output channels, a pulse accumulator, two serial ports, and a bunch
of other stuff. It is also much faster than the 8031 derivatives. Many of
the instructions execute in 1 clock. The majority are 3 clocks or less. The
timer section makes the 8031 parts look really inadequate. 

I liked the 8031 chips, but wow are they outdated. Most of your list below
is contained on a single chip these days, including the address decode and
latch support. The 68HC812A4 costs less that $20 in single chip quantities.

If you want more EEPROM, the 68HC912B32 has 82 pins, most of the features
>from above minus some of the I/O pins, and 32k of Flash EEPROM. 


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> From: Jim Brown <jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com>
> To: dprglist at dprg.org
> Subject: DPRG: sonars & 8031 boards dreaming
> Date: Tuesday, July 01, 1997 10:40 AM
> > Looks like finally this week-end I'll have time to get my sonar 
> > working.  The excitement builds!
> Major cool.  So far, I'm just gawking at it while it sits
> on my desk (you can just image me doing that, right?).
> On a connected topic, I keep thinking about having some more 8031
> boards made.  I'd like to add one or two sonar sockets to
> the next version.  So far, my zealous wants are to have the
> following stuff:
> 	8031 or 8032 (40pin CPU),
> 	74ls373 (address latch),
> 	74ls138 (address decode),
> 	2764 or 27128 or 27256 (eprom),
> 	6164 etc. (ram),
> 	8255 (24 bits i/o),
> 	7805 votage regulator
> 	one or two sonar sockets,  
> 	one or two lmd18200 (6amp h-bridges),
> 	8 servo headers (3pin),
> 	?8? A/D lines,
> 	lm386 (speaker amplifier),
> 	max232 (serial),
> 	and maybe a small proto area.
> After looking at all that, I think, wow that's a lot!
> Maybe I'll just go back to my original design of just
> an 8031, 373, 2764 & 7805!  And, maybe make some stand
> alone boards with some of the other stuff (break off boards?).
> Gee, one of these days I'll make my boards again, when
> I can figure out what I want.
> I've just about given up on the 20 pin 89C2051 since it would
> be hard to get them.  But wouldn't they make a nice small
> controller board.  If I went that way, I'd also make the
> programmer board to go with it so it would be cheap and
> easy to program them from a pc.  Just the thought of it, a
> 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch motherboard for a robot.  It just has
> a 7805 and an 89c2051!
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