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DPRG: COTS goes to Mars

Subject: DPRG: COTS goes to Mars
From: Fuboco at aol.com Fuboco at aol.com
Date: Mon Jul 7 15:48:02 CDT 1997

Hello All.
Some micro processor news..
Commercial off-the-shelf ( COTS) technology is now out of this world. NASA's
Pathfinder, scheduled to land on Mars on July 4, uses commercially available
hardware and software to keep the cost of the mission low - less than a (
relativety) paltry $200 million. The Pathfinder spacecraft is underthe
control of an IBM RAD-600 single-board computer, a version of the PowerPC.
 The mobile Mars rover, Sojourner, operates with an Intel 80C85 uP, chosen
for its low power requirements and its resistance to radiation. Software
control comes from VxWorks, a commercial realtime operating system from Wind
River Systems.. " www.wrs.com "..  
>From EDN, July 3

Happy Robot building...
Dan M.
Future-Bot Components


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