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DPRG: the game

Subject: DPRG: the game
From: Jim Brown jbrown at why.net
Date: Tue Jul 8 07:42:20 CDT 1997

I don't have sound on it and it's not much yet, but check
out the game at:  http://users.why.net/jbrown/game/game.html
It sort of a cross between one of those adventure games and the
robot designer program I made before.

Hit execute first, then type in: pitch 90 foward -100 yaw 90 forward 100
then hit execute again.

It's goofy because I haven't gotten the object coordinates to match the
screen coordinates yet.  Oh well.  But it's interesting none the less.
See if you can make it get all the way to each planet's surface!

I want to add sound, and some animation, codes so next time you run
it you won't have to start over, and a purpose to the game (It's all
ratteling in my swirling brain).  If I can pull it off it just might
be a fun game.  Right now it's kinda dumb but you can see the potential.

You'll wanna read the instructions on it's web page to sort of get
the gist of how it works.
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