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DPRG: July Meeting Agenda

Subject: DPRG: July Meeting Agenda
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Tue Jul 8 10:10:29 CDT 1997

Clay Timmons wrote:
> Jim,
> Can you forward the agenda on to the group.

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Here is my agenda for the meeting.  Let me know if there is anything
else.  I want to keep the agenda short.  I think I should send a seperate
message detailing what we need for a wall for the contest course.

              DPRG Montly Meeting Agenda
              Dallas Infomart   Room 1061
              July 12th 1997   12:00 - 2:00 PM  ???? or is it 3:00 pm

12:00   Club News      

        RBNO -  (Robot Builders Night Out)  
                New for the club, these are informal get-togethers 
                for robotics conversation and general socializing.
                The next one will be at
                    Irving Mall   Food Court
                    July ???? 
        501C Status -  DPRG will soon file for Section 501C
                       to be an offical Not for Profit Corporation.
        GARP -  (Group Autonomus Robot Project)      
                Whats up with the clubs wheelchair base robot.
12:30   Upcoming Contest Details  
        DPRG will hold RoboRama II August 16th which will have
        a repeat of the May contest as well as a new more challenging
1:00    Video, Scientific American Frontiers "Robot's Alive"

        A look at some really challenging robotics contests and
        some of the latest research and developments in the field.        
2:00    Adjourn

        Door Prize Drawing  

        Do we have a door prize this month????        

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>     check  the end time of the meeting 2 or 3 pm

2pm is our official ending time (I asked them to extend it in case
we run over so the Linux group wouldn't be waiting - so we have 3
if we need it, but 2 hours is our meeting time).
>            add show and tell and robotics chat if needed

Yep, somewhere in there, just play it by ear!  ;-)
>            the date for the next RBNO

Lets try for Irving Mall on the 28th of July!!!
We'll keep trying for ?last Monday? and keep switching between
VV, VR, & IM.
>            you might mention that you will not be there and
>            I will fill in

I will be on vacation - Clay's filling in!  8^)
> You can also forward the wall construction stuff if there is
> nothing else to add.

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        Contest Wall Design Challenge
        The upcoming contest will need moveable walls to mark the course
        boundary.  We need something as follows.
               1' tall  upright, perpendicular to the floor
               2' wide sections that attach to each other
                       in a straight line or 90 degree corner
               cheap as possible
               easy to assemble and dissasemble
               able to withstand minor robot collisions
                 robots are not supposed to hit the walls but if
                 they do the wall should not be damaged 
               wall must be detectable by sonar 
               wall must be more reflective to light than the floor
                 for IR/visibale light detection
        Bring your ideas and examples to the meeting this Saturday.
        We will use the best idea for the contest.
- ---- end included message ----
> I would have done all this myself but I did not save copies
> of the messages :(  I hope you did :)

no prob.

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