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DPRG: Robot Leg picture request

Subject: DPRG: Robot Leg picture request
From: Eric B. Olsen robojoc at worldnet.att.net
Date: Fri Jul 11 19:51:19 CDT 1997

eric naus wrote:
> I hope that I'm posting this correctly??
> I have just completed my first robot leg (5 more to go) which is controlled
> by a 16c84 PIC. This PIC can control up to 7 RC servos and recieve commands
> via A PC's serial port. It seems to work, but until all the legs are completed
> I won't no how stable it will be.
> If there is an intrest , the plans and software could be posted here as the
> project unfolds.
> Again ,I don't know if this would be the place to post.
> Comments????
> Have Fun
> Eric


Sounds very interesting.  Do you have the ability to send pictures?  If
you have access to a Connectix camera, or a camera with a frame grabber,
I'd like to see some pictures posted!

Eric Olsen
Las Vegas, NV


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