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DPRG: Robot Leg picture request

Subject: DPRG: Robot Leg picture request
From: Eric B. Olsen robojoc at worldnet.att.net
Date: Sat Jul 12 00:02:32 CDT 1997

eric naus wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am going to look at some frame grabbers this weekend.
> The question is , Where can I upload these pictures??? They may
> be too large for this listing to accept.
> Any suggestions.
> Thanks
> Eric
> At 05:51 PM 7/11/97 -0700, you wrote:
>  ,
> >
> >Sounds very interesting.  Do you have the ability to send pictures?  If
> >you have access to a Connectix camera, or a camera with a frame grabber,
> >I'd like to see some pictures posted!
> >
> >Eric Olsen
> >Las Vegas, NV
> >
> >


I've sent pictures using E-mail a few times before.  If you send your
pictures using JPEG format, they will compress to a very small size.  I
have sent 250K sized .BMP pictures of robot using the JPEG compression
format, and they only consume 14K!  I use Netscape Navigator for E-mail,
and it does not appear to have trouble with .JPEG files as attachments.

I do not know what the limitations of the DPRG list service is; you'll
have to ask Jim Brown or other affiliated with DPRG.

Eric Olsen
Las Vegas, NV


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