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DPRG: Getting started

Subject: DPRG: Getting started
From: ProMacPrg at aol.com ProMacPrg at aol.com
Date: Sun Jul 13 14:56:35 CDT 1997

Hi everyone,
	I had a few questions about pics, basic stamps, and microprocessors in
general.  And if some one could answer some or all of these questions I would
really appreciate it.  
	I am just getting into robotics/electronics and I am one a small budget to
some degree.  I use a Macitosh computer, but do have SoftPC even with using a
mac might be a problem.  I am hopping to get some sort of PC soon preferable
a laptop, does any one know were I could get one that is new/used and around
$900?  I have tried the basic stamp 2 and really like it,  the only problem
is its limited I/O and the price of each unit.   I was wondering if pics
might be a better way to go, I heard that the were quite cheap after you got
PIC Questions: 
What exactly can a pic do?  
What are the things that you need to get started with pic program, like what
software and hardware do you need to get started with them?  
Can you program pics with a Macintosh? 
What is the average cost of a pic?  
What is the average cost to get started with pics?  
What programing languages do you program pic in, (hopefully C or basic I
know) those?
How much hardware do you need to use a pic?  I mean after you program a pic
does it run by it self of do you need a circuit to run it?

General questions:
Are there any other microprocessors that work like a basic stamp, that can be
used it robotics?
I have heard some about eprom and eeprom, but don't really know what it is,
 what is it?
I have also heard a lot about the 68HC11 chip I know it is some sort of
microprocessors but that is about as far as my knowledge goes.  Does any one
know anything about it? Like how you program it, what it can do?
I have heard of the bot board from P.A.R.T.S. has any used it that could tell
me a little about it?

Well I am sorry if this is not appropriate for this list, I didn't know where
else to ask these questions.  If any one has any of the answers to these
questions I would greatly appreciate it.  

Timothy Deterly
ProMacPrg at aol.com



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