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DPRG: Pics

Subject: DPRG: Pics
From: James and Ili jandi at mpsi.net
Date: Mon Jul 14 22:23:14 CDT 1997

Sean Jones wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm starting my new robot project, and i would like to use a pic.  I
> would like to know if anyone knew of someone that sold pics, and sites
> that use tell how to make one.  I would like to use one that i can
> program it in basic (pbasic would be nice).  And anyone that sells blank
> pic boards that you buy the stuff that goes on it (like the botboard).
> Any help would be apreciated.  Thanks.
> Sean (shain at noln.com)

	I've been using PIC's for my BOTs for about 7 months and have
accumulated a few web resources that you might find useful.
	A great BOTBOARD type setup for the PIC is the SIMM STICK available at
http://www.wirz.com they are pretty reasonably priced and the quality is
nice. I have several of them.
	As far as availability of PICs... the above company is one source.
Another is Digi-Key.. http://www.digikey.com or 1-800-344-4539. They
have same day shipping and I have been very happy with them. 
	You will need a programmer. Of course one is available at Wirz that
fits nicely with the SIMM STICK package. It's priced at about $45.00.
You can make one if you are handy with the soldering iron. Go to
http://www.man.ac.uk/~mbhstdj/piclinks.html to get a schematic. The
software is available on the same page.
	A great source for data is Microchip's web site at
http://www.microchip.com  go to the Application Notes section where you
can find all sorts of code, hints, plans and instructions.
	As far as programming in some sort of basic.. well I have yet to find a
shareware or freeware basic compiler for the PIC... MicroEngineering
Labs ( http://www.melabs.com/mel/home.htm ) makes the best basic
compiler.. it's about $100. If your interested in the compiler, we might
work out some sort of deal.. I want to get it myself but can't justify
the expense yet.
	One option on the basic progamming list is a program called BS/4 it's a
compiler that loads the interpreter and a few instructions into a 16C84.
It uses Basic Stamp 1 instructions ( most of them ) and it works OK. I
have used it for a BOT.
	This message is getting a little long.. if you need some more info just
email me and I will be glad to share what I have. 



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