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DPRG: Brian's RoboWalls

Subject: DPRG: Brian's RoboWalls
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Tue Jul 15 18:00:32 CDT 1997

I finally got around to looking at Brian's RoboWalls.  I think he has
some great ideas, but I do not like that some walls are mitered and some
are not.  

I would rather have an outside corner piece than a mitered corner.  That
way the walls could be all the same (more modular) and we do not have to
worry about where one particular wall section goes.  

I think Brian's the wall connector is also a good idea. It is simple and
functional.  However I believe it should be made of wood to add some
weight to the walls.  A 1 x 6 x 6 piece of wood (or 3/4 " plywood) 
would be easy and heavy enough for the wall connector.

I wonder if there was a design that could break down flatter.  With 13
12" x 6" x 96" sections, assuming two can fit the space of one
(approximately) it would take about 24" x 18" x 96" for 12 pieces.  I
have a hatchback and they would not fit becaus of the 96".  24 pieces
would take 36" x 24" x 48" with another 6" x 12" x 48 for the additional
2 pieces.  Hmmm that would probably fit mine and most other peoples
cars. However the design would be a little more complicated. 

I propose we have an evening for putting together the walls. (After we
agree on the design <grin>)  If we get 6 people together, it should go
quickly. Maybe 2 hours, unless we have to paint. If it is one person, it
could take a long time.

I could volunteer my garage for a one evening "assemble the walls GTG",
but I do not want to be the one in charge of it.



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