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DPRG: Sojo' rover - pic's and details

Subject: DPRG: Sojo' rover - pic's and details
From: Brian Merritt brianlee at ultra1.dallas.net
Date: Tue Jul 15 21:18:35 CDT 1997

For those of us that can't get enough of them robots,
there are a couple of web sites that have some great
detailed pictures (both inside and out) and details
of the Sojourner rover.  The first is 


The power subsystem section has some photos of
the internal "organs" of the rover.  These
can be downloaded for even larger views. The
text description section also has some interesting

The second site is 


it has a long list of photos (most of which I have
not seen yet) there are many on rover subsystems
and early rover versions and tests.



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