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DPRG: Motor Divers

Subject: DPRG: Motor Divers
From: ProMacPrg at aol.com ProMacPrg at aol.com
Date: Tue Jul 15 21:51:55 CDT 1997

Hi everyone!
	It is me again, with yet another question.  This one I think is less
involved then the last one about microcontrollers was.  
Does any one know of a stepper motor controller chip that can control a
stepper motor that have 4 wires coming from it, I think it is called a
bipolar stepper motor.  I don't know the current rating for the motor and the
voltage is unknown also, but it is a small motor about 3/4 an inch in
diameter and about 1/4 wide, if that helps at all.   The other part of this
question is that I would like to bye the chip from either Mouser or Digi-Key,
because I am going to be ordering other things from both of them tomorrow.
 So does Mouser or Digi-Key sell such a chip?  I want to control the speed
and the direction of the stepper motor using the Basic stamp 2 (which can
give out about 10 mA at 5VDC) and the chip, with as few other parts as
possible.  If Mouser or Digi-Key doesn't sell any of these chips does Jameco
or Newark?  Those are the only other catalogs that I have right now. 
Thanks a lot, 
Timothy Deterly
ProMacPrg at aol.com


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