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DPRG: Wall Connectors

Subject: DPRG: Wall Connectors
From: John Wadley x3293 JWPE 8211 a187155 at msp.sc.ti.com
Date: Wed Jul 16 12:07:32 CDT 1997

    Sorry I haven't been following the wall design discussion, but I just 
had an idea for the connectors.  The base on my water bed frame uses 
particle board with some stiff aluminum sheet metal connectors that are 
easy to assemble and take apart.  They grip the wood well enough that I 
think RC-based robots would bounce off but larger robots would just push 
the connectors off the walls and prevent wall breakage.  If don't want 
the walls to come apart, you could put a screw through them.  The 
connectors I have for my frame are about 10-12" long, the same heighth as 
my water bed base.  They look something like this:

            .-----     .--------
bracket -> /\      <---|      particle board
          .  \----     `--------
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |

If someone calls a water bed place, maybe they also have a similar 
connector for joining two pieces of wood in-line so you could use 
shorter pieces of wood for portability.  Or, maybe you could adapt this 
design to some other material you are planning to use.

Best Regards,
    John Wadley - a187155 at msp.sc.ti.com


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