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DPRG: FS: Radio Shack Armatron

Subject: DPRG: FS: Radio Shack Armatron
From: David Beckham dbeckham at bectec.com
Date: Thu Jul 17 13:04:14 CDT 1997

Jay Vlack wrote:
> I've got one of the original Radio Shack Armatron robot arm toys
> that's been sitting in my robot parts closet for quite a while.
> I tested it last night, and everything seems to work.  If anyone
> would be interested in converting it to autonomous manipulation
> on thier 'bot, or perhaps has a child that would enjoy playing
> with it, let me know.  Some Radio Shack stores still have these
> on thier shelves for $30.  Does $10 for this one sound fair ?
> Let me know.  I can bring it to the August DPRG meeting.
> --> Jay
> PS:  Yep, the wife is making me clean-up my computer toy room.... (sigh).

Hi Jay,
If nobody local to you wants it, it would be welcome in Chatsworth :-) 
I'm willing to pay $12-15 plus the UPS for the unit (compensation for
having to box it instead of just bag it :-)
I put together one of the Lynxmotion Arms last Fall, and played with it
for a while (recently traded it to a local roboticist for a PS2 - so I'm
"out of arms" except for My Hero's attached one).  I had exhausted the
possibilities of that arm anyway, and needed yet another PC for an
automated drilling table I'm starting.
Let me know if you want to do this (after a couple of days for local
- -- 
	David Beckham
	Home of ARBE-ONE the "Model T" of Mobile Bases.
	Now offering TCOMP tiny computers by Ray Butts,
	(ARBE-ONE's inventor).


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