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DPRG: Radio Shack Armatron

Subject: DPRG: Radio Shack Armatron
From: Bradley Metcalf Bradley at thingbuilder.com
Date: Thu Jul 17 20:46:53 CDT 1997

eric naus wrote:
> Hi There,
> The armatron is a marvel in mechanical engineering. One small motor
> controls gripper/wrist rotation/elbow and shoulder rotation.
> Two joystick controls are actually mechanical interfaces.
> I have two articles:
>     1) Robotics Age 1982
>     2) Radio Electronics May 1985
> Both articles show how to interface to this mechanical arm.
> If you're interested iI could get these articles scanned and post.
> Bye for Now
> Eric Naus
I have a couple of those arms on my shelf also, and would really like to
see those articles!

                                   Many Thanks,

                                  Bradley Metcalf


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