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DPRG: 2 ociloscopes for $10

Subject: DPRG: 2 ociloscopes for $10
From: droid at bellatlantic.net droid at bellatlantic.net
Date: Fri Jul 18 18:16:37 CDT 1997

I was just on teh flea market. I have buoght two Tectronix 
oscilloscopes.These two are 5103N models and look pretty old...I 
think that these are 2 channels ....I turned them both on but on one of 
them in order to see the dot on one of them I had to press BEAM 
FINDER...and as soon as I'm letting the button go, the dot on the screen 
disappears...can you tell me what is wrong with it ?
Now ...this thing does not have a probe to it...I looked at the jack and 
it seems to be using a coaxial cable ...I might be wrong...now, can I 
make my own probe(that is to go to the Radio Shack and buy the connectors 
and the coaxial caable...) or I should buy a new one...I have looked in 
the JDR Microdevices and tehy have a probes like for $19.95...I just 
don't know...

Other than that I think I hmade a good deal...
In addition to this..for the same $10 I got a TRANSISTOR CURVE 
TRACE...now I never heard of that so what the hell is it I have no 
clue..I looked inside and noticed that it must be pretty old since it 
uses the vacuum tubes....can anyone here help me or comment ?



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