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DPRG: 80C51FA for the New Micro's NMIY-0031 SBC (!!! or ???)

Subject: DPRG: 80C51FA for the New Micro's NMIY-0031 SBC (!!! or ???)
From: TopOne top.one at usa.net
Date: Sun Jul 20 15:58:50 CDT 1997

I have the New Micro's NMIY-0031 single board computer.  Has anyone
tried to replace the 8031 with a 80C51FA?  It appears they have the
identical pin out. (At least from looking at the Intel book, they have a
Siemens chip installed). The 80C51FA has PWM for motor control (up to 4
separate PWM types), a counter geared towards optical encoders, and a
very accurate event timer (perhaps for acoustic distance detection). Oh
by the way, the 80C51FA has 256 bytes of data RAM also, versus the 128
bytes in the 8031. I think the 80C51FA costs less than $10 versus the
8031's $3.

Has anyone tried to pull the processor out of the holder successfully
(meaning without damaging anything). It appears to be a PLCC package and
chip holder.  I am not familiar with the process.



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